a list of my 2017 goals for Goodwin Social Media

I thought I would jump in here and talk for a quick second about my five SMART goals I have for 2017. This will be a quick read so lets get started.

Increase the average new user to 1000/month by dec 31 2017 – Yep this is a good goal for this little blog to have. It may only be a vanity metric i know. With that many people coming to the site, I should be able to figure out how to increase the engagement more. I believe I can do it I am coming upon my second year writing on this blog and I only missed one day that I remember. Which was falling inline with last years goal.

Pick up 5 new clients by Dec 31 2017 – This was in all actuality last years goal and it didn’t happen because I didn’t put the day job in to the equasion and so I fail misurably at it. but this year I am going to get it. 5 new people if not more with the social media course that are going to be released.

Have a Daily Vlog by April 1 2017 – I have a feeling Daily Vlogs are going to be abig thing this year. I really can t put my finger on it but I think you will hear about vlogs more and more in the coming months. So, since I think that is going to happen I am going to be starting on also. I will aim for daily and see how it goes.

Have a Podcast up and running by March 1 2017 – I have always loved podcasts. I have even ran a few. Podcas Dojo is one. Though podcasting isn’t as screaming hot as it was in 2015 it is still a strategy that I believe will help me to reach more small business owners who are looking for help in their social media marketing. So Keep an eye out for the new podcast coming out soon.

Have a series of Social Media courses – Passive or at least semi passive income. I know that ther are small business owners in small towns that are thinking forward. they know they can grow with Social media. Yet, they are not fully sure as to how. These digital products willhelp them out.

So these are my 5 goals for 2017  Do yo uhave your goals set? If not why not? also I use Chris Brogans 3 word goals and my 3 words for this year are

Freedom Growth Learning


I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

Social Media Manager at Goodwin Social Media
Bryan has been in the social media field in one form or another. whether it is blogging, podcasting, or trying out the latest social network . There is a good chance that you will find him talking somewhere.
I am here!

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2017 Goals
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