Facebook it appears, is always making some change. Tweaking this. Altering that. IT can be exciting at times and at others you are frustrated because you are not able to find that one thing you are needing. Well Facebook has made both of these in this latest update to their platform. Designers are going to not be happy while video people are going to have fun with the very same thing. So instead of trying to bury the lead let get into it.

Video Profile Images

You can now have your Facebook profile look like one of the pictures from Harry Potter. Yep, you can now have a more personalized form of your profile video to greet people who land on your page. If they are on the desktop browser the video will start automatically and if you are a mobile browser it will set on a thumbnail of the video till you click on it and then the 8 second video will start up. I should also point out that the Profile video is only for profiles it hasn’t been rolled out to Pages or Groups, and I don’t have any idea if Facebook is even planning on giving Pages that ability.

So how do you make a Facebook Profile video?

  1. Open up your Facebook app in your iOS device.
  2. Navigate to your profile you will see your profile picture
  3. Tap on your profile picture
  4. You will receive a list menu
  5. You should see at the top of this menu “Take a New Profile Video” or you can choose “Upload Video or Photo”
  6. The Take a New Video will give you a count down after tapping the button and you will be able to record a short video.
  7. If you choose the upload you can choose a short video that is less than 7 seconds.
  8. Once you are finished it will upload and do some Facebook magic and your new Profile Video will be in place.

Tip if you use Snapchat you can take a Snapchat Video and use it as a Facebook Video again just keep it under 7 seconds.

Repositioning of the profile image

Now this is where the designers are hating Facebook. Or maybe they are going to love Facebook. This is because Facebook has also moved and enlarged the Profile image/video. It is a little further to the right and like I said it is also a bit bigger. So all that work you put into integrating your profile picture into your cover image has just been blown to bits. So if you hired a designer to make your cover image. You will want to get ahold of them again fast so that they can correct it.


Another little addition to the Profile is a short 101 character profile description to place right under your video image.


Now this one is actually geared toward families and the like because you are able to tag these people and it will basically be an album strictly for your kids.

To access the Scrapbook feature

  1. Go to your profile and tap the Update Info
  2. Scroll down and choose Family Members
  3. Tab the down arrow and choose Add Scrapbook
  4. Tap Get Started
  5. You can add your spouse your kiddos scrapbook and then you can go to town adding all the embarrassing images of your knee biter and the choose Create Scrapbook

Lot of fun items are happening in Facebook. It is going to be fun to see what everyone comes up with for their intro video. Have you created your Intro video?

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