Hashtags, help you find people beyond your current reach. Hashtags are one of the easiest to abuse, and underutilized features on most of the Social Networks. You can add this content grouping tool to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google plus, and even Facebook. Though it is not really catching on as quickly as people would like on Facebook, you can still apply hashtags and still get some reach. Hashtags can be used wrong and there are several examples of poorly planned hashtags. Whether it is #Susanalbumparty or not realizing what a hashtag is being used for like DiGiorno trying to use the Domestic Violence hashtag #WhyIStayed.

hashtagWhy Hunt For Hashtags?

So you are able to find the ones that will help the best in reaching people who have yet to know about your brand. Using a good hashtag can help spare you from embarrassment or worse loosing a job and/or clients. What are some tools you can use to help?

Hashtagify – Is a hashtag search and discovery engine. It allows you to find hashtags that are related to your goal. You can also see what is coming up in popularity and what tags are “So five minutes ago”. Hashtagify has an encyclopedia that contains over 46 million different hashtags you can access with their paid options.

For the Free side they still provide immense value by showing off hastags that are related to a prospective term. They also give out Usage patterns and a wall of posts that have that tag listed. So with all the different analytics available you can build a good solid usable hashtag.

Twitonomy – This is a power house of twitter information. The only thing it is lacking is to tell you what you are going to tweet about next and what time. You can easily lose track of time with all of the charts and insights this amazing tool provides. You can see who is tweeting what and with what tag. The tag feature is a premium feature but great for a quick one month peak for a future campaign.

Tagboard – Nice little site for finding relevant cross-platform hashtags. All you do is search for a term, and you will see an organized board of different posts that contain that hashtag. The approach is simple and a great way to find related tags.

Twitter Trends – If you are wanting to know what is hot right now in the world of twitter then you can get it straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth. There are two ways you can access the trends list you can go to Twitter search page and at the bottom is the top 10 trending terms and hashtags or you can access your twitter feed and the trends over on the left hand side. Here you can actually change what you see and get local trends if you choose.

When it comes to using hashtags it is good to know what ones to use. And these 4 tools can help point you in the right direction for finding that perfect tag that will lead you to that customer you are looking for.

So what hashtag tool do you like to use and why? Leave a Comment below.

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4 tools for #HashTag hunting
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