Sweet! Things are really coming together for your blog. You nailed down your Blog Platform. You picked a topic that works for you. You are throwing up a post at your set time. You have been promoting your blog so much your friends and family are starting to worry about you.

Your visits have been increasing each and every week. You are even getting a comment or two, on your posts. So things are looking up. Now you are starting to wonder if you can make some money with your blog.

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The answer is it is possible. How are you suppose to make money with you just starting? Well, that is the rub and there is a lot of debate on when a person should start a blog. Many people think you have to have a certain amount of visitors before you start trying to make money. While others are afraid that their community will think they sold out because they are trying to raise some revenue to pay for their effort.

There are pros and cons to everything in life. Is it easier to make money off of your blog when you have 200,000 visits a day? Well yeah, it is a numbers game in that effect if you can get one in a hundred to give you $20 you will have $40,000 each day.

You will also always have someone who was freeloading and the minute you mention money to them they bristle up and say you are selling out. When in fact they are mad that you caught them freeloading. Those people you have to just shrug and let them go their way because they never intended on giving you money.

Can you make money even if you are just starting?

Oh yes, there are several ways you can make money off of your blog even if you are just starting. Just understand that the chances of you being a media mogul after blogging for 6 months is next to impossible. Most blogs take about 2 years to find their audience. Shoot even the television show Seinfeld took 3 seasons before they became the hit they were. So get the mindset that it is going to take time.

This is why I believe it is good to go ahead and start placing ads if you are new. Because it allows your readers to get used to the fact that you are hoping they will click on an ad. There are several different avenues of revenue generation you can take and we are going to cover 4 different ways you can make money thanks to your blog.

Affiliate Programs

The First is how most people think you make money from a blog. An affiliate program is essentially selling off of commision or a finders fee. You direct a person to a sponsors website and if they buy something you get a cut of the profits. Affiliates are good if you have an email list. Yet if you are just getting you to list off of the ground again it can’t hurt to condition your tribe to know that you will be selling to them

There several different ways you can do affiliate sales. There are several different places you can find affiliate programs.

The easiest way to sell affiliate sale is to review the product. Especially if you like the product. why not find an affiliate program that sales that particular product and join up so that you get a little folding money for sharing.

Reviews are how most bloggers use affiliate sales. The more honest you and open you can be about the product the better the chance of the sale.

If you are helping a friend sell a course you can often be apart of the process by helping them out and sell to your audience. This really depends on the product too. If your group is Skunk Fans and you friend sell stink remover you may have a good match. While if you have a blog about the coal industry and your friend has a product for protesting the coal industry then you may not have a very good match.

There are several affiliate sites that you can join. They give you the ability to compare and see which ones will give you the better opportunity to make more money. If you get only 1% of a $10 sale then it may not be worth the effort while if you get 30% of a $200 sale it could be worth doing the time for a sale. So check a few of these Affiliate sites out.

Amazon Associates

Amazon-Associates-LogoProbably the best place to start is Amazon Associates. Especially if you want to do reviews. Why? Well, that is because Amazon has everything. So you can find that backpack you just love. Maybe you just read a book that changed your life then you can put a link to it in your blog and get some money. Because even if a person follows your link to Amazon and reader doesn’t buy that book but instead remember they need a new refrigerator you get the commi9ssion for that fridge. So lots of good points for using Amazon.

Now here is a word of warning for ya. Amazon has their own set of very confusing rules when it comes to their associate program. One is you cant hide the link. it has to be an Amazone link. no yoursite.com/offer/redirect. Amazon will close your account and you will lose all money you could have made in the blink of an eye. Also, they don’t want you to say that what the affiliate program does. You can say are a part of the affiliate program but they will again close your account with no recourse. It is closed and you are out of money. So make sure you read the Amazon Associates operating agreement.


Commission Junction is the OG of the affiliate websites. There are literally thousands of affiliate opportunities that you can search for and your target audience would love just about any good deal that is provided through the site.

One thing about CJ is that there are programs that will accept anybody then there are those that require approval before you can start making money. These are usually the better deals but the seller usually wants sites with a particular number of visitors.


Shareasale is another affiliate program that has multiple programs you can choose from and the number of merchants is amazing. Not much in the way of difference between This site and CJ.com but it is good to use both.

Selling your own product

Maybe you decided you don’t want to work to help someone else get rich you want the lion’s share of the income. Well ok, go get em, tiger. If you are wanting this approach then you will need to have your own product.

A couple of idea is you can sell a book. If you have been writing for a while on your blog then you can take your blog posts and make a book from them. THen again you could have your own stand-alone book and you are ready to sell. Then you blog can help sell that hardcover or digital book.

Maybe you have the heart of a teacher. If that is the case then you could create an online course to sell. There are WordPress based Learning Managment Systems (LMS) that you can use to create a course.

A few of these LMS’ are LIfterLMS which is easy to set up and organize.

Then there is LearnPress, Which has lots of reviews and a positive favor.

Maybe you know a lot of people who are looking for work in a particular field. Then maybe creating a job board and charging people to post jobs is a path you could take.

Then lastly there is the opportunity for you to write a webinar that people could be paying you to visit.

Selling Advertising

You are also able to make money using your blog by selling advertising. You don’t see this too much anymore. but a link on the bottom footer that says “Advertise with Us”. No is telling you to not advertise. If you have a niche site, I am sure there are products out there that your readers are wanting, needing or simply craving.

Again keep your audience members in mind. If the shoe fits then run with it. If your site is about Desert living then jungle tours probably aren’t for your readers.

You may benefit from having a sponsor. You could charge different levels depending on where the advertisement is placed. SO maybe Al’s Adobe Block’ could have a big banner running across the top of your Desert living homepage. As your blog grows you are helping Al Al can also talk about your blog to his customers. It depends on the relationship you have with your sponsors. In other words, don’t just take their money say thank you and shut the door.

You can also use different advertising networks. These are places that advertisers pay to be seen. They set their advertising accounts up to be shown with people who are in their niche.

AdsenseTHen along comes a blogger and they sign up and add some code to their website and when ads are shown they get a little bit of money when someone clicks on the ad they get a bigger chunk of money.

The advertising network that most bloggers know is Googles Adsense. Everybody goes to google. Google runs off of advertising. So why not help other people? That is what Google did. It also incentivizes people to make content so that Google can serve their visitors better. It really is a great symbiotic relationship.

Other ad network bloggers can use are

  • Propeller Ads – These guys are growing. They also do retargeting ads so you will be surprised when you visit their site they will follow you around for a day or two. Propeller Ads serves a couple of different Ad Models such as CPM(Cost Per Thousand Impression), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), and CPL (Cost Per Lead). Cost in these terms is what it costs the advertisers not your blog.
  • RevContent – These guys like to be premium. So if you are just starting there is a good chance that you will not be selected. Sorry, but if you are getting a good amount of steady visitors then you may want to give it a try.
  • Adsterra – I really like their pay system on here. They cover PayPal but also you can be paid in Bitcoin, ePayments and a few others. SO there is diversity there.

So try a few of these sites out and see if you can get some money rolling in.

Paid Membership Site

Finally, you can just do a regular pain membership site. Where people are able to pay you to get access to your blog content or some of your premium blog content. The drawback here is that you have to have an audience. Yet, if you are going to be training your readers to accept the paywall then maybe it is good to start early?

Now, this is not the only way you can make money far from it. This is just a start of different avenues you can take to get your blog to pay for itself at least. While you could even use the money to pay for a trip to Jamaica. Either way, it isn’t bad to bring in some money for all of your hard work. You deserve it.

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