1) Facebook wants you to Talk!

Apparently, We are not conversating enough on Facebook, and according to Deccan Chronicle facebooks not happy with us just sharing a Turtle wiggling its butt. Facebook wants us to talk with each other. Therefore Facebook is looking at implementing a new algorithm that will show you What Your Friends are Talking About.

What will happen is any of your friend’s posts that are getting a lot of interaction will be placed above posts that are the Please Share if your think I’m right posts.

And in case you are wondering yes there is a video of a turtle that is happy to have water splashing on its shell. Enjoy!

2) Protect your Business Reputation

Social Media Examiner is by far one of the best blogs to read if you are wanting to get interesting social media ideas. One Article they posted was about a topic I feel very strongly about.Social Media is a great tool to show your haters that you are nowhere near as horrible as they claim.

Many times there are people who are out to do nothing more than to besmirch your business reputation. Whether it is because they are your direct competition and they have a security. Or it is an employee that had to be let go because he took an hour break right before his 2-hour lunch.There are people who are going to bash you.

Well, Social Media Examiner has 6 ways you can protect your online reputation by using social media.

6 Ways to Protect Your Business Reputation With Social Media

3) Algorithms and Real Life

Yeah, there are times that Algorithms are great. They help us find the post that we would most likely enjoy. Yet like Most automation there are times that Algorithms and life don’t mix. Take Josh Gibson’s example.

You wake up grab a nice hot cup of joe. site down in from of the computer for your morning routine of looking at facebook for a bit. When just like the day a year ago you are blind sided with a video Facebook happily created for your near death from a car crash!

Yep that is what happen to Josh and to drive the nail home Facebook added some snappy foot tapping background music. So though automation can help don’t rely on it. The moment you do is the moment it gets away from you.

4) Instagram is taking steps to stop the Trolls

People at times have to deal with haters. Even Taylor swift has a problem with snakes and Instagram has taken steps to fix the problem. Many times kids have secret code words that they use for harassment. while kids in other areas can use those same words for a completely different reason.

Instagram has set it up so that you can filter out those words you yourself find offensive. So Taylor can add the snake and I can block iguana.


5) GIFs and Google Photos

Google’s Photos is, in my opinion, great. and they are allowing you to jump into the renewed craze that is Gifs

Google Photos gets big update to create GIFs and Video

Here are five articles that you might have missed for this week. Are there any social media news that I may have missed? Share in the comments section.


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