reachReach, it is one of those vanity metrics that still gets my attention when there is a spike in people who may have seen my post. Whether that post was on Facebook, Twitter, or my website, it really doesn’t matter I see that 50 more people saw my content. I get a big grin on my face and think, “Gee, I am really reaching people…”

Though I understand that reach doesn’t equal engagement. It is, in my mind, still a good thing to look at. Especially when you are just starting out. That ever growing reach is what give you hope to keep blogging and posting on the different social networks. I have many of the same thoughts. If you don’t have the reach then how are your potential customers supposed to find your content?

So here are some tools that can help you increase your reach. Now some of the tools I am about to mention here are sites that are a share for share. Yet there are other means to increase your sites reach and if you search for how to increase your social media reach you get a set of tips that can work if you have an audience. These items are meant to help even if you don’t have an audience.


Triberr-Logo.pngThis website is one of the best and original reach enhancers I found on the web. Many sites were pay to play but Triberr took the freemium path.

So what is Triberr? In a nutshell, Triberr is a group of people who share each other’s blog posts.You get one share for each share you give. In other words, the more you share the more you get shared.

Triberr started out using the tribe’s motif. You could create your own tribe that centered around a different topic. For instance, I have two tribes Podcast Fans and Social Media Writers. With these tribes, you are able to either invite people or people will naturally migrate to you. You will just want to make your tribe name descriptive enough to let people know what your topic is about.

On the free version of Triberr, you are able to have a tribe of 30 people. You can join as many tribes as you like, but you can only create around 3 tribes. You are able to share 100 posts at a time.This means you have to come back and reshare more often so that your posts are shared.

I have personally been using Triberr for about 5 years and in the last 2 years have used it to help grow my Twitter account. The key to this is to interact with the people who like the shares from your tribemates. Doing this you draw them over to your profile and they start to follow you or add you to a Twitter list.

With Triberr the more active you are, the better your results and if you pay to be a power user the reach you get is even larger.


copromote.pngAt this moment CoPromote is down they have ben down for a good while.

Like Triberr, CoPromote is share for share but with a twist. You are awarded coins that you are able to use to boost your social media shares. you build your coins up by sharing other people’s posts. You are able to share with Twitter, Facebook pages, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube. So the different channels are able to expand their reach too.

Commenting on other people’s blogs

group-of-different-age-people.jpgThis is an old reliable. It does a couple of things for your site. One it allows for people to find out about you. another they can find out about your site and on top of all that, your site is able to get that much beloved Google Juice.

Make your comments relevant. just jumping in and not having a relevant comment to the topic of the post you can get your comment blocked. The majority of comment systems have the first comment as a moderated comment. After the first approval, you are able to post freely. You still want each of your comments to be relevant.

Facebook groups

groupslogo2Using Facebook groups is an excellent method to help show your expertise about your topic. you are able to use your page and your website as links to help out the other members of the group.

You want to be careful and not break the rules of the group you can be banned from the group if you break their rules. So you always want to be helpful on Facebook. When you are assisting people, those folks being helped will want to find out more about you. Make sure you have your Facebook profile filled out.

There is that whole ask thing but…

BegAsk your fans to share. This little and a trick does work but if you are just starting out and you only have a few followers or fans. The results are not going to be the super. In fact, it will make you question the effectiveness of social media. This grows as you develop your community. The more engaged people you collect and have active in your audience the better response rate you will have. So unless you have a lot of very active people then don’t expect a lot of response, but do use it.

Note: Reach is not all that people think that it is. Yes, it allows you to get a little excited when you see your first 1000 people reached. but if not a single person reacts in any way to that post then it is a case of a tree falling in the woods. So, yes getting your post out in front of more eyes will possibly increase your readers and interaction with your website. but it is not a guarantee, Your posts will get more interaction with the more posts you put up. Don’t settle on one type of post because you might be passing over other highly qualified people because you think you found your best.

Social Media is a lot like SEO. There is a long game that you have to think of. When you first moved into a town you didn’t know anybody but after several years the town knows who you are. If you have crafted your image and be true to who you are then they like that person who has been there for 10 years.

What do you use to expand your reach? Do you have a different site? If so Please tell us in the Comment section below.

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