Finding people who might follow you on twitter. This is the big problem most twitter users have. they are always looking for more people to follow. Yeah, it is a vanity metric but still there is something about the number of followers and the sense of validation to your cause that makes it a quest for people to focus on.

People gain new followers in several ways a few are not worth the time spent looking into it. and that is buying followers. and the main reason is these followers are not real people but only bots that do not provide any real engagement no matter how hard you talk to them.

So how do you find real followers? I have found 5 tools that will help you find real people who could in return follow you if you take the time to engage them and build a relationship. While you might also find people who follow ya back type of people and so you still will get a real person and the relationship could possibly grow from there.

Tweet Stork 

Tweet stork is a site that recently went dark though there isn’t anything quite like it now you can still find plenty of new twitter followers through these other sites.

What were some items you could do with tweetstork?

Find List Owners

Lists are great. They are a way to receive and give a little acknowledgment. Yet, not everyone uses twitter lists. How can you find them? Tweet Stork does help you find people who have twitter lists and the way the do this is by looking for other people you follow and seeing what lists they are on. It then takes the lists and applies a keyword filter to it so that you can find specific lists to maybe get listed with.

Find Related users

This option is Crowdfire’s Copy user and turns it granular. So, for example, enter the screen name of a person you are following or a person who you believe will have your particular audience member. Then you enter the word that personal profile should have. followed by word your potential follower shouldn’t have. Follow that up with how many results you want to have listed

Find Re-Tweeters

Find people who like to retweet topics that are similar to your topics. but also helps you to find people who are actually active on twitter. This I have found is a small problem. You can find people who might fit into your demographic but when you look at their profile they haven’t tweeted anything since 2012.

Find Re-tweeter is supposed to help you find people who are currently active and will retweet. Yet trying this out I really wasn’t able to get much in the way of results. Could be the people I am following but not sure. Could be that an update to twitter has broken this feature.

Unfollow users

Sometimes things just don’t work out and you have to go through and delete people

The biggest drawback I have seen is that the site has not been updated. Therefore it has LOTs of weird errors. If you hit the search you may get the, “you have exceeded your twitter follows notice’ or you will be faced with the Following notice

Notice: Following new restrictions from Twitter, TweetStork is currently undergoing maintenance. Due to the inconvenience this may have caused, existing premium users will receive a free premium account for an entire year once the new version of TweetStork is launched in late 2013.

2013! Wow! this might make you nervous but the site in its entirety is still good though it may disappear at some time without notice.


This is at the moment my favorite twitter growth tool. The concept is easy. You set your goal. You can Grow you followers or get more engagement. Once you choose one or the other you will then be directed to the taskboard.

In the taskboard there are, depending on your twitter size, A lot of tasks or not very many. If you are small your tasks are very limited because one Meshfire doesn’t know that much about your yet, and you don’t have all that much in the way of followers. But you will have tasks to complete. These tasks are usually in the respond to a person’s comment.

These are in a way your best friend pushing you over to that hot girl at the dance and saying “Dude trust me she was checking you out” Yet unlike you good bud Jake you are able to see how well this interaction may be for your goal.

When you click to engage in a task you will get a window that opens and in this window, you will see a “Potential Value for this goal and that is rated anywhere from a 1/2 star to 5 stars. Usually, if it is a big celebrity or a person with a large following you will get a 5 star.

If your muse has gone out on a lunch break. then Meshfire is again like your buddy Jake and can give you suggestions on how to interact with your task, by giving you 5 key points they show interest in.

This tool like I said is at the moment my favorite because it is easy to grasp, and you instantly understand how it will help you.  Plus you know the people you are following are real because you are interacting with them.

Twitter Advanced Search

BesidesTwitter’s directory, Yeah, Twitter has a directoryTwitter does its best to help you find people and tweets that are related to what you are looking for but if at times your searches don’t come to the fruition you are looking for you can actually do an advanced search. Here you can search for example for everybody who has tweeted your domain but you can cut out those that used your twitter handle. The results that are displayed are the times your website was shared but your name wasn’t included. These are probably people that are interested in what you say. Therefore, it might be a good idea to follow them, or at least, give them thanks for the share.


Twibs is one of the last great twitter directories still in existence. With so many others that have fallen to the dustbin of history, it is a bit tough to find a twitter directory that still either works or doesn’t have a for sale sign hung on their home page. Yet here it is. Twibs is a nice organized directory that allows for you to find people who meet different categories or tags. and also, you can find people through locations. You can look at Amarillo Texas and find people who are in the Amarillo area.


Crowdfire has a great Copy followers feature that allows for you to look at other people’s followers and from there you can choose who would be a good candidate to follow you back. but don’t over do this you can get your account suspended on twitter if you get too click-happy.

Find people can be a big challenge. There are tools around that will help you find real followers. Just make sure they are real bots don’t buy any products.

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5 tools to Help You Find Real Twitter Followers
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