Sweet! You have just saved your final draft of your blog post and you are ready to schedule. Then again maybe you have been writing and you see that you have maybe 6 people a day finding your blog. Well, you are not going to take over the world with only 6 readers a day well at least not right off the bat.

The reason why is because the movie Field of Dreams lied to you. Don’t get me wrong I love the movie. One of the great baseball movies around, but If you build it they will not come. It is time to take off your writer’s hat and place on the sideshow barker hat. Yep, it is time to start telling people that there is this amazing blog post out there and they need to read it.

In all reality, this is where the work begins. You thought that bashing out a blog post was tough. It could be if you are not a writer. Yet the tougher hill to climb is the promotional phase of blogging.

Many new bloggers may have the keyword game down and you can rely on your SEO skills to get Google and Bing’s attention. Yet your blog is also needing some real people to find you and start reading. That way they link to your blog post and there is more SEO juice. Promotion is more than posting to your Facebook profile. You may have a good friend who sees your post and will share everyone. That isn’t quite enough though you salute your friend’s gallant effort you need the help of other people.

That is what we are going to talk about today. 7 different channels I would use to get your blog post out to more people


Triberr-LogoThis is a hidden gem. I have talked about Triberr a couple of times. I wanted to talk about them first. If you are a blogger and you are looking to reach Triberr is the website to go to. This is how it works. you join up and you add your Facebook Twitter, and if you want Linkedin.

After you have your social networks linked to Triberr you find tribes that fit your topic. So if you like the outdoors you might check out the Great Outdoors Tribe. If you write about HVAC repair then you might look for an HVAC bloggers tribe. If you can’t find one then you may look for a small business tribe. There are thousands of different tribes and you can find several that will help you with getting more reach.

When you join you will start out as a follower. These people just share the content in the tribe. If you want to get your content out, and I know you do. Then you want to request a promotion and become a member of that tribe.

Once you have joined a tribe this is where the magic happens. Everybody in your tribe has their own posts they are wanting to share. So, what happens is that for every time you share one of their posts they share one of yours. Triberr has a few different tiers the free one allows for you to have 100 posts set in your queue. The different tiers allow for larger ques and you can make larger tribes. the free allows for you to only have 30 members.

Also look at how often the member is active. You can find many tribes that have people who haven’t seen Triberr is a couple of years. If that is the case that may not be a good tribe to be in. So visit Triberr daily and fill up your queue it takes maybe 5 minutes and you are on your way.

Commenting On Other Blogs

CommentNow, this may be one you have heard of and maybe even tried. Leaving comments is a tried and true promotional technique. Often you are able to leave a comment and your blog is linked to the comment. This means most people have the opportunity to click on you and see what you write about.

You would go to a blog maybe once or twice a week and leave a “That’s really helpful” type of comment and off you go. When in reality you need to give the other readers a reason to go check you out so leave a detailed insightful comment. This stirs their curiosity and will look to you.

I would like for you to change that up a bit. Try this. When commenting do so to 3 different blogs a day. Also, make those comments more in-depth and engage the other commentators and the writer. Yeah, this is tough I do struggle with this myself. Yet there are results in this type of work.

Writing an engaging comment with details of the post does 2 things for the writer. One it helps them build a community on their site. That is what they are trying to do. If they can get someone who asks good questions that the other readers can answer then you draw the attention on the blogger. The writer and you will actually start to be friends. This completes the blogger to check out your blog and leave a comment. All this is called the LAw of Reciprocity, or the Golden Rule. You help someone they help you.

Now since it is tough to write 3 insightful comments to three different blogs a day here is a modified version that will work for you for starters. Choose one blog for each day that you want to return to. Then have the other 2 blogs be random. As you go around and comment if you find a good blog you want to return to add it to your commenting schedule.


Believe it or not, there are still forums out on the net. many times the community is very tight nit so read the rules and head them closely. I have come across a couple that refuses to allow you to self-promote and be instantly bounced out of the community and banned. So you have to provide lots and lots of help. Many times your only link to your site is in your profile. yet some will allow a signature link.


main-qimg-4b2938b9f5ea2f1ddbd45dccaff628bcI often tell people you are an expert to someone. If you want your blog to be see by folks what have a particular problem then you want to look to Quora. These are people who are asking questions that only you can answer. You can share your knowledge with many people. That is because many people also go to Quora to not only ask questions but also people read your answers. Within 2 weeks of writing answers to folks, I had a notice that 2500 people had read my answers.

That is a lot of potential eyes on my content. With Quora, you have a link to your site on your profile. You also have the ability to put links to your blog in your answer, but there is a caveat. If you do put a link to a corresponding blog post that you wrote. Do not write just a small blurb about how you wrote about it here and give a link. That answer will be deleted almost instantly. SO give the full answer make it 25 lines or more. Give details to the answer then at the bottom say something like I wrote more about this on my blog. Then you can post a link.

The Moderators of Quora want the answer before you self-promote. So give to the community and the community will give back.

Facebook Groups

There are several different ways you can use Facebook groups. You can be the helpful one and people will eventually check out your profile and see your links. This works pretty well.

There are a couple of other ways I use Facebook groups. I posted a detailed explanation about Facebook Groups a year or so back that talked about how I had grown my Facebook page using groups.

First, there are groups that are all about posting your blog post. THese do actually get some results. Not much but if you go through and click like and comment on the post you will get people who return the favor. This helps with getting more attention to those posting.

I also like to use area groups often these are for sale groups but I have only been thrown out of one group for not actually selling something. That was a large group so it started a little yet I still have several that Post to weekly. But I also don’t want to look like a spammer so I will skip a group if it is not active and I am the last person who posted.

When posting gives a unique comment on the post. That way it looks like to spent some time there not just a flyby poster.

Social Media

WHoa! Who would have thought a social media blog would say that you use social media to promote their blog? Yep, you are right Social media is the perfect sounding board for promoting your blog post.

I would suggest a scheduler like Buffer. You can set the schedule and come up with 7 days worth of links to your blog. There are also WordPress plugins that will help post to Twitter and Facebook. Just be careful about your frequencies Twitter doesn’t like for you to post the same sign too closely.

Another way you can schedule your posts is by using Hootsuite. You can set the times and each week reload it. HootSuite allows for you to set when the posting time is. You can so use Hootsuites auto scheduling which is where they post according to the best times their algorithm determines.

Either way, make sure you cover all of your channels. Then ensure that the posts are spaced out throughout the day and week. That way you reach the needed number of touch points but you are not annoying your audience too.

Live Stream your Blog Topic

If you want to really get people interested in your topic schedule a live stream and the topic is your blog post topic. Write down all the points you had in the blog post and find stories that help back it up. Get several bullet points. Turn on the camera and talk. Get some Q&A about that topic going. Share everything about your topic. At the beginning and end mention your blog.

If you can keep the same day and time that you go live on your page. That is even better. This is because your audience will come to anticipate your show. They will return and often click the share button.

There are a lot of different ways you can promote your blog post the key is to get creative. Look and identify where your audience is and find a natural way to slip in. The biggest key is to talk about your blog. That is what promoting is. I understand that you do not like to talk about yourself. we have been raised to think that it is rude. To a point that is correct.

You can always look at it like this. You are talking about how your topic can help those that need your insight. They are looking for you they just don’t know that it is you. So if you point them in the direction of your blog so that they can get the clarity they need then you are helping them.

I could also talk about how you may want to make a YouTube video on the topic. Go to Slideshare and several different ways to repurpose your content so that more people learn about your blog. These are good ways to promote your blog too. So, try a couple of these ideas and track how much of an increase you get in traffic.

What are some ways you promote your blog? Is there something you could share to help other readers? Do you want to leave a comment? Please do, I like to reply to people’s thoughts and questions.

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