Live streaming is a service that has come to popularity very recently. The granddaddy of them all is Meerkat. Meerkat started out its rise to popularity at the SXSW festival in Austin Texas. All of a sudden you started seeing a bunch of tweets feeling your Twitter stream with so and so is live streaming on Meerkat and this started to really increase the awareness of this brand-new app, this exciting new app called Meerkat. Shortly after the SXSW festival, twitter pulled access to the social graph for their own live streaming app. So Meerkat lost a critical tool for the growth of their fan base. Yet, Meerkat wasn’t ready to give up just yet. They had to get creative and have come up with several great ideas that unique compared to the other social live streaming apps have available.

Why should people worry about live streaming applications? Much like podcasting live streaming events and behind the scenes action helps your customers and other audience members get to know who your company is and what it stands for. Live streaming may not be for everyone or Meerkat may not fill your needs but there are other live streaming apps out there that could fill your needs. And with it being free to use a little time is all that is the cost. Yes you time is valuable so use it in a way that can help build your base. Help your customer know like and trust you a little more. That is an investment that hardly ever goes down in value.

 The Perks of Meerkat

The biggest perk I can think of for Meerkat is the audience interaction you are able to not only see the comments that are created by your viewers, but you can type the responses if you are in a place you are not able to talk. For example a keynote and you are giving commentary. You can interact with the viewers this way. One of the key features of Meerkat is that your comments are posted on Twitter. So as you talk you Followers can see what you are doing and are able to join the stream and see what is happening at the moment.

Here recently Meerkat did something I find to be a perfect partnering up with GoPro the action camera people and you are now able to stream not only through your phone but you can also not stream though a GoPro Camera. So those action shots you make yep you can now live stream them through Meerkat and provide live demos of your product or again give the inside baseball of how the secret sauce is made. Give your customers a little adrenaline rush as they see that mike maker test the new mountain bike out on a mountain bike trail.

You can embed your stream on your webpage. That way your web site visitors can stop by and see a quick peak in to what you are up to. Even if they do not have the Meerkat app installed. This is a nice way to implement a connection and engagement to your company that not many other companies are willing to do.

Drawbacks of Meerkat

The biggest drawback I see with Meerkat is that there is not as much reach when you go live it is depends on who has the app and if they have the notifications turned on then they will be able to see the streams as they come live. Yet also as I use Meerkat I do not see as big of an audience showing up for my streams as I do for some of the other apps out there.

Though I do Like Meerkat and the almost scrappy attitude the company has this is a live streaming app that is not going to go quietly in to the dark. I would keep an eye out on this live streaming service. They started the ball rolling and I dot see them stopping anytime soon. Do you use Meerkat? What do ou use this live streaming app for? Share with use your thoughts in the Comments section below.

You can download the Meerkat App for your phone

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A Review of Meerkat
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