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Goodwin Social Media is a Social Media Management and Marketing Company. At the micro level, Goodwin Social Media is out to disrupt the belief there is a formula for social media. So many times social media is done, badly. Which in turn shows that your customer service is not going to be any good. We have all seen it happen. The story is all the same. A marketeer discovers a new social network. Then shortly after all you see is advertisements. The original purpose that made that network so special is lost. the people they are trying to reach move to a different Network. Internet Marketeers disregard the social aspect. Because someone believes they have figured out the formula for making lots of money.

Yeah, money is good, but a dedicated fan for a customer is better in the long run. Trying different tricks to get people to click on this link. That link doesn’t build a relationship. Internet Marketeers are just getting empty clicks. No relationships can be found. Social Media is not an instant audience. You have to date your customer and audience for a while before you get the chance to kiss them.

Goodwin Social Media wants to make sure that this doesn’t happen for the businesses in Western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. Clicks from fans and true customers are better. A relationship built on honesty and integrity is a strong relationship. One of the hardest structures to be built. Yet, once it is built and maintained, the customer will actually sell for you.

Goodwin Social Media holds to the belief that Social media is a personal advertising channel. A type of advertisement that the customer wants to see. An advertisement that encourages the customer to interact and learn from that business. Goodwin Social Media believes everyone is an expert in their own field. Their customers are wanting to hear how that company can help them with their pain.


Be that helping hand in educating, creating and managing an engaging and fun social media strategy. That way the business owner is able to focus on their business.


  • Goal oriented
  • Growth
  • Learning
  • Educating
  • Entertain
  • Caring
  • Relationship building
  • Value
  • Authentic
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Positive

Bryan Goodwin

Bryan Goodwin

Hey there, I am Bryan Goodwin. I am a father and husband and I find fulfillment in being of service to people. This desire to help was infused into my personality from my growing up in a small town in the Texas Panhandle. In this small town, I learned the value of serving. While honesty is not always the easiest road to travel, it is the most solid pathway. I also learned that trying to hide something, means you are often up to something shady.

I have taken these lessons and applied them to how I run my business. How I interact with people online and offline. The Honest path, I have found, is the easier path in the long run. I try to go out of my way to show that I am not hiding anything in my actions. How I conduct business and my social media projects. When it comes to serving my customers, I often try to go above and beyond what the customer expects.

In Western Oklahoma, I have noticed how much small to medium sized business owners work. How much they struggle to help build new customers. The energy that is spent to help their current customer. Customer service is the place I could serve these good folks. By helping to develop and manage their social media objectives.

I want to help the small business owner. They need someone who knows how to use social media. Someone that knows how to build a social media strategy. There is no way they could afford the $30k to $60,000 dollars a year just to have a full-time social media manager.

The Medium sized business though they might have the resources to spare. Yet they often don’t have the time, or possibly the know-how of the different channels to use.

This, I have noticed, is where learning to be open, honest, and to serve would best be of use. I can help these businesses meet their goals and objectives. By either managing their social media business or coach them to Social Media success. I can help them in troubleshooting their different social media problems. Showing these business’s where they are succeeding is where I find my reward.

Long Time Social Media User

I have been in the Social Media field for over 15 years. I started back when it was just Yahoo Chat rooms and IRC channels. I migrated to online forums. Often becoming a moderator for that site, or would just hang out and help field questions as they were asked.  Helping and finding solutions has always been a source of entertainment. Early Twitter adopter and was trying to get on Facebook before it was even open to the public. I am always looking at new social media networks that are out there. Finding out how to use that new tool and what would be the best way to use that network to build a strong relationship.

When I am not reading or writing about social media, I can be found on the PlayStation network. Acting as a moving target for people who are better at First Person Shooters than I am. I also like to spend time with my wife watching different movies. Often like to see the really cheesy bad movies that were running rampant in the 70’s and 80’s. Any downtime I have, I like to work on my podcasts. I am a fervent podcast listener and love giving belly rubs to any pooch that wants one.

Fast Facts

  • I am a fan of PlayStation4, and you can find me at Circlecast
  • I have a basset hound named Cricket who may or may not be smart
  • I still have a MySpace Account
  • My wife and I enjoy talking about Movie quotes when we can fit them into the conversation,
  • I am subscribed to 152 different podcasts

If you are interested in seeing what I can do to help your business succeed please call me!