Pictures and social media. Its pretty much is the new Peanut butter and Jelly. If you are going to be doing social media at all you need to have at the very least an image to go with the post.

The quality of the image can help depending on the platform you are wanting to post to. Instagram Stories is pretty “in the moment” so the quality of the images is accepted when it is rougher around the edges. While Pinterest and Instagram Posts get better engagement when they are of a more polished nature.

Running your social media campaigns and if you can do it while at a kids football game on a Friday night is even better. A business owner doesn’t have to be tied to his or her desktop. that is one of the modern wonders of today. Our phones have as much if not more computing power of desktops made just 5 years ago.

What can you do with images while on the phone? How about help clear up a confusing direction? Or maybe you want to show life behind the scenes? Maybe you want to show off your whimsy. You can do this with your phone and a few apps. So let’s get started and talk about picture editing.

Picture editing

There are some that can take that one picture and it looks great. It sums up the culture and attitude of the company. It just screams wow! So how to do you incorporate that picture into your social media strategy?

It adds these types of incredible images you want to do a little bit of clean up. but you also don’t want to post the very same picture over and over again. You want to mix it up change the picture a bit to keep it exciting and fresh. There are ways you can do this while on your phone. Just try some of these apps

Photoshop Express

(iOS / Android) (Free)

This has all the basics you could need. You can adjust the color, brightness, contrast, saturation and more. The features are awe-inspiring since this app is free. You are able to do perspective correction so in case you took an excellent picture it is just a little too much dutch angle thrown in.

You are able to use the collage feature if you have several images you want to throw together. When you finish you can then choose what size JPG you want to publish. It is a definite must for the Social media Master on the move.


(iOS) (Free with in-app purchases)

Want to look like you have some graphic artist skills? Then Canva is the app you want to try. This little powerhouse is a staple for creating everything from featured images on your blog post to making cover images for your social media profiles.

The creators of Canva have just about all the different social media platforms set up as different templates so that you are able to easily create a cover photo for Facebook or Twitter. If you want to make an image for a post you can do that too. They have templates created for Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Instagram or a generic square.

Canva can also create images for your blog posts books and more when I say this puppy is a powerhouse I mean it is a powerhouse. I mean I have mentioned Powerhouse 4 tames already Try it out. Now, unfortunately, there is only an iOS app available so the Android people need to start letting Canva know that there are more of you than there are of iOS. But you can still use Canva through the Browser over at


(iOS / Android) (Free)

This isn’t just another photo editor. This adds tools to your image creation and editing tool belt that can give you the flexibility and mobility you desire being a busy business person who is also trying to nail down their social media strategy.

Patch: Smart Portrait Editor

(iOS) (Free)

A coffe mug with teh shilouete of a moose.The cameras on your phone really do not have that deep of a depth of field. In other words, most of the times the background is just as sharp as the foreground of the picture. This can be good but there are times you want a person’s eye to focus on the product and not the dog that just photo bombed your picture.

If you blur the background and foreground of the image the human eye is naturally directed to the product. Take the moose mug in the example. You first see the mug before you notice just how dirty the desk is.

You can make very attractive images quickly with this nice simple one thing only app. This is again only iOS sorry Android but you might try Blur Image – DSLR focus effect it is free too but I can’t vouch for how good or easy it is to use.

Adobe Spark Post

(iOS) (Free)


Needing an image that announces an idea? Do you want to present an idea with a stunning image? The Adobe Spark Post is the app that will perform as directed. This app perfect for those times when the picture is not as important as the idea.

You are able to build a graphic that contains the ide in words, a shape that will help the words show better. Then there is the final layer that is the picture you have chosen. You can use Adobe’s Stock photos or your own photos, Pictures you have on Lightroom,  Google Photos, or even DropBox.

Once you are finished you can then download or post directly to your preferred platform.

Android Users I feel sorry for you guys You outnumber the iOS users around 3 to 1 I know some of it is the limitation of hardware but you can still use all of the different Adobe Spark Products for free


(iOS) (Free)

What if someone just isn’t finding a place because you are partially hidden? Skitch is a great way to easily draw an arrow and apply some text to an image and convey the simple message of its right here. This App is also good to use if you need to do a screenshot tutorial. That way you can show people exactly where they need to click. Skitch is priceless and on top of that free so it is even more valuable

Android User you might try Image Annotation it is free also

Word Swag

(iOS $4.99 / Android $3.99)

Want to develop an amazing Typographical master Piece? Word swag is your app. This app uses their amazing Typomatic Engine to design and transform your text into a stunning image. Want to create a graphic for a sale? BOOM! It will look beyond amazing.


(iOS) (Free)


This little app is actually pretty fun to use. Say you want to create an image that has the text that bends in and out of the image. You can easily do this just by taking a picture. Enter the Text you would like. Then remove the parts of the text that is hidden behind the objects in the picture.

Sorry Android, but I wasn’t even able to find anything close to this for you.

Video Editing


(iOS) ($4.99)

Have you ever seen a picture that has just a little movement in it? Some people call it a CinemaScope. While others find it just very cool. However, you call it it is truly eye-catching. This image is mostly still with just one little area moving. Take this mug with steam coming off of it. The steam is rising but the rest is a still image. So many ways to incorporate this so that it captures a persons attention for just a small second. Which is often all that is needed

For the Android users, they do have a desktop application also. You can go to their website and download for free

Spark Video


Take the eye-catching abilities of video and your sales pitch. you have the incredible effects of Adobe Spark Video. You are able to add your voice or you can change the music. you can even use music on your phone. But I would warn against doing that because of Copyright laws. Use the free music that is provided by the good folks at Adobe. But you are able to create videos just like this

360 Photo

Cardboard Camera

(iOS / Android) (Free)

Make stunning 360-degree pictures. This is great if you are a real estate agent. You can show off a room through Facebook or other sites that accept 360 images

Street View

(iOS / Android) (Free)

Would you like to take your 360-degree photo to the next level? Then you can do this with your phone. it just takes a bit of practice and a good tripod. You can then make a picture that helps your customers see all the beautiful and breathtaking details of a venue.


Stock photos

Then again you may be the type of person who all they take are pictures that show you to be in the middle of the action. It is all blur and shaky. If you are needing beautiful pictures and you want a little originality then look to splasher.

Now, these are far from an exhaustive list of cool and helpful apps that you can use to take your image game to the professional level but they help set your image game above the rest of your competition. Try these out. See what you can come up with. You just may be surprised.

What image apps do you use? Android Users this is where you can shine and share your favorite images editing apps in the comments below.

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