Who needs to be blogging? This is the next question I would like to tackle in this series of starting a blog. It is actually a pretty important question to ask. Though I would love to say everybody needs a blog that isn’t 100% true. There are times that blogging may not work for you.

Well, I want to stay on the bright side of life so who needs to be blogging? Well better yet let’s rephrase that to who benefit having a blog? The answer is most everybody. There are so as many people who would benefit as there are blogs online. In other words, most everybody can benefit.

People who have a message

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The first category is anybody who has a message to share. The message is actually the key to a blog success. The people who have a clear message. They have slowly nurtured and crafted what they are wanting to say through the development of their blog. These folks see more success than someone who doesn’t really have a clear and concise message.

The message is normally centered on your passion. Maybe that passion is the history and yumminess of apple pies. Your message could be to tell the world why apple pies are so awesome. Then again it could be that you want to tell the world something completely different. What you want to talk about is centered on your passion. I know the word passion is a bit of a buzzword right now. Yet it fits the best in the scenario. What do you like to talk about?

Many people do worry about their message. Especially when the fire in their belly dies out and it does happen. When it does you can close that topic and start a whole new message. Eventually, you do find a topic that has elements of all the other topics you covered.

Bringing the message that you are learning along is an important message. Even if you are wanting to try to establish yourself as an expert. People trust your journey when you share it. Therefore if your message does have a change or tweak from time to time you are letting your audience know that you are still learning and growing right alongside them.

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People who want to want to build a community.

I love the challenge that comes with building a community. There is a lot of work and frustration that goes on with community building. That community often is built with the help of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You always want to point your community to a central hub. More often than not that hub is your blog. Your blog has all the details of what your message contains.

These days many blogs turn off their commenting system. Why a touchy subjects like political blogs is will turn off their comments so that they don’t have to have to face opposing views. Yeah, Politics these days has become an area of no tolerance and name calling. Which is sad because the ability to build a following and have an open and honest discussion is still possible. Other Large blogs get so much spam comments that it becomes difficult to manage. SO they too will deny their followers a chance to share information and grow closer out of convenience.

I still leave the ability to comment on my blogs. I am able to deal with the spam. Using good plugins to keep the spammers at bay has been the secret to the success of not spending 3 hours removing unwanted comments about sneakers or Russian women.

The comment system is one of the reasons why I call blogs the original social media platform. Before Myspace and Friendster you could comment on a blog or even have a great discussion about whatever the topic was. Now the commenting frequency has dwindled a bit but it is still there. So if you want to build a community around your idea. Using a blog as the central hub is key.

Another reason for the blog is that it is how people find you and your message. People still search online for answers to whatever their problems are. If you post regularly on your blog Google and Bing both will be more likely to recommend you because your content is regular. The more frequent the better as long as you stay on message about your topic.

People looking to become a thought leader

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A blog is again a great place to build up your street credit. The more people come to your site and comment on your blog posts the more people look to you as a leader in your field. Because believe it or not you are an expert in someone’s eyes.

You know more about a topic than your Uncle Henry. He is always asking you about a computer problem. So to your uncle, you are a computer expert. The same that Henry may be an expert in cattle ranching. Only because he has been ranching since he was 8 years old.

So if you are worried that you don’t know what you are talking about well embrace that and learn to fill in the holes of knowledge. As you grow in your field people will follow your journey. As you learn more you will build more trust with other people. The key is to accept their positive words of praise and don’t deflect them. They are trying to say thank you and you wanting to tell them you’re not worthy. Face the fact that you are worthy and be grateful for your fans.

People who want to offset bad publicity.

As kids, we do dumb things. We have read about how people have lost job opportunities because of something they said back in high school. Especially in today’s divided environment business now more than ever are so risk averse. If you say something that could be interpreted as racist or misogynist, that company will not want to work with our all because they don’t want protests.

One way look you up is that they do google searches for you. If you don’t have a blog then your potential employer will only see what other people say about you. Those results will also be at the top. Yet, if you have a blog that you are updating regularly then your results will appear before the others because your site will be all about you. So for a personal brand angle blogging is very smart.

Someone wanting to start a business.

So you want to start a business. A blog is a great stepping stone in the starting of a business. There are a couple of reasons as to why having a blog in your arsenal is good.

First is that you can find out if anybody is even interested in your idea. You may have the best plan in the world but if no one has an interest in the idea. Then no matter how much you believe in it, it will not fly.

Another reason is you can start building buzz about your product. If you are doing an affiliate program then you are able to become an influencer that can actually help another company sell their goods.

So build that business and use a blog to do so. The power of blogging is still there. It hasn’t faded quite as much as people like to think.


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Are you a YouTuber? How about a podcaster? A writer? Some type of artist? A blog is how you get the word out about what you build. You can embed your YouTube videos on to a blog. This helps get even more eye on your videos because there are still people who don’t visit YouTube. Why? I don’t know but I still come across people who will watch a video on Facebook. IF you have a website it is a little easier to get your videos shown on Facebook. While Pinterest will play videos natively.

Podcasters there are a few out there that don’t think you need a website for your podcast. I would have to say you are sadly mistaken. SoundCloud is sinking and Anchor is not the best solution. If you want control of your podcast you will need to be able to have an RSS feed and a media host. Then combine these with the indexing power of your blog and you are further ahead than many of your SoundCloud Podcaster buddies.

Writers, what better medium is suited for writing than a blog? Come on, you write on a blog and you write. It’s like Peanut butter and chocolate. They were made to go together.

Painter’s sculptors and other artists. How are you going to show off your work? Well if you really want to know my opinion I would say a blog. Blogging makes your creations searchable and again you are able to hear from those who are your fans.

Who doesn’t need to be blogging?

Well, this could be anybody who doesn’t have anything to share. They don’t want to help or grow. If you don’t write or have a passion. Then writing a blog is just not going to work for you. There are the rare few people who are like that.

Something tells me that you are not one of those types of people. You have a fire inside that wants to be released you have a light that will shine on those who are stumbling in the same problems. You can help these people and so why not start blogging helping these people out. Don’t be afraid to put your neck on the line because though it could get chopped off, it is more likely to get hugged.


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