Now we are starting to get down into the details of your blog. Since you have your topic selected and you have your platform. It is time to start writing. Now the details of what you write are important. You want to write in a way that helps inform and help your reader.

So how does your reader find your blog? Well whether you like it or not you have to have a little SEO on your mind. You don’t have to eat breath and sleep Search Engine Optimization but you don’t want to do any at all. In fact, I always suggest that you write to your reader, not Google and Bing. Google will never buy your products. While your reader will.

What are Keywords

Keywords are a combination of words and full sentences that people use to search online. If you are in Amarillo and you are looking for social media information. You may conduct a search like Amarillo Social Media, or you may type Social media consulting in Amarillo. This is where you have to get inside of your customers head. A good way to do that is to survey your customer. You could also ask random customers to describe their problems. Listen to what that issue is and write it down or if they are not too weirded out record the conversation. That you can understand how they phrase their problems.

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How to find keywords

The first way is to listen. As I mentioned earlier is your customers tell you what their problems are. If you were to write down what they said.

For instance say you record a hundred customers. You have their comments transcribed and you can do what is called Text mining. Now there are not much in the way of Text mining yet but with AI this field is going to grow so Start getting testimonies and your customers word down so you can find out what they are saying.

An easy and rudimentary way to do this is to go through each transcript and look at the action words, descriptive words, and See which ones are referenced more often. These can be used to dig deeper into your keyword research.

Keyword Research

This is where many people get overwhelmed and lost. Cause you are venturing out into a field you not fully sure about. Yet it isn’t that bad but yes even I really am not a fan of keyword research and don’t do it as well as I can or should be doing.

Start With Google keyword planner

The point of keyword research is to find the right words you want to place in your blog post so that you will be visible. That is why you want to find out how your customers phrase their problems. That way when they search for your solution you show up. It will be as if they are speaking their language. You are using the same words they do. So that Dinglehoffer they refer to may actually be a wattahoochie in your terms. Same thing but they are not looking for wattahoochie. They want a solution to the wobbly dinglehoffer.

The best place to start is using Google Keyword Planner. You may be prompted to sign up. GO ahead and do so but don’t worry about adding any credit card info. You won’t need it to find out what keywords you want to use.

How to use the Keyword Planner

  1. When you arrive at your AdWords account you will see a wrench in the top right-hand corner of the page.keyword planner for google adwords is found here
  2. Click that icon and under the planning section, you will see Keyword Planner.
  3. You will be asked to enter the keywords you would like to use.
  4. Enter either individual Keywords or long tail keywords
  5. Click the Get Results button on the right-hand side.

You will be presented the common search phrases for those keywords. You will then see a row of information. Each column offers different clues to what you are needing to know.

  1. The first column is the Keyword sorted by relevance.
  2. Next keyword is average monthly searches. How often do people use that keyword
  3. Competition is the next column and This tells you how many other people are showing up in that result.

when looking for what keyword to use you want to find Low competition and high search numbers

With that information you want to look for keywords that are high in Average searches but low competition. In the example here you will see that Camping activities for kids have a low level of competition and you get about 1000 to 10,000 searches a month. If you can find a keyword that has 1million to 10million searches and low competition you are even better. Yet that could also give a clue that your choice of keywords is too broad. You might want to narrow your search down a little bit.

The next step is to see what other alternatives you can find. Best way to do that is to go to Google and start asking a question on your keyword Like “what’s the best Dinglehoffer brand”. As you type, Google will give you suggestions this can often give you other phrases that can help with your keyword list.

Use Google to find your ideal keywordsAnother place to find alternatives is to enter your search term and then at the bottom of the results page is some more suggestions that are more relevant to your topic. With these, you are able to start making a list of keywords you want to try to enter into your blog posts. Make these as natural as possible. It is better to not place it in the blog post than just have it in there at some weird random place. Google’s algorithm is pretty smart when it comes to sniffing out stuffed keywords.

Keyword tools

Many of these tools will help you to get more detailed on the types of keywords you want to use.

Spyfu – When I remember to use my keywords spyfu is one of the sites I use. It does a lot of what Google does but it is cleaner in my opinion.

Google Keyword Planner – We talked a lot about his one

SeedKeyword – Still not sure what keywords you need to be using? This tool is pretty cool you ask your community what they would search for to find you or what they would search for when it comes to a topic and they give you’re the keywords. Brilliant!

KeywordSpy – Another good tool for finding how much a keyword is used

SEMRush – Keyword search on steroids one of my favorites

Neil Patels UberSuggest – Who doesn’t like Neil Patel? This dude is smart and has several tools that you can use. Thank him for giving the UBersuggest

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Other things about Keywords and Blogging SEO

Use the WordPress Tags

WordPress has a tag feature that allows you to tag a blog post. Many people have been told that using Tags isn’t needed anymore because Google can view it as keyword stuffing. While this is true if you are using irrelevant keywords. These tags can also be helpful. This is because that tag has a page all its own that links to other posts on your site. SO use relevant tags on your posts. just don’t confuse your tags with your categories. that is when the tagging can cause a problem

Put your keywords in your section headers

If you look through this post each heading has the word Keyword in it. This is the keyword I am aiming for in this post. Many SEO experts recommend that you use the keyword in your headings

Link to relevant and helpful sites.

No man is an island and you don’t truly know it all. It is good for everybody when you link your sources. Since that is the case make sure you link to a couple of your resources when you are writing.

Link to other blog posts on your site

Often you will reference other works you have published on your site. Google likes it when you make it easy for your reader to find more content. Also, Google likes it when people stay on your site. So make sure you have links in your blog post pointing to other posts on your site. I try to have at least 2 links. If I can have more then that is even better.

So this week get a list of 10 keyword phrases and 10 keywords you would like your blog to be found by and if you are needing some more detail on SEO I have a very in-depth article

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Bringing it all together

I am here!

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