Twitter is great for quick announcements and information. Instagram is great for quick pictures. Vine is video, and now audio has a representative. The champion for audio is an app called Clammr This little app came to the surface during New Media Expo and has been embraced by podcasters in an obvious move, but this isn’t only a podcasters app. Clammr can be used as an audio twitter.

What is Clammr?

audioClammr is an app that allows you to share short 18 second clips. The app that is available only on iPhone and through the browser, though they are also going to be adding android functionality. I hope they do it soon because there are by far more android users than there are iPhone’s. Clammr is a lot like Twitter also because you are able to follow different people and listen to what they post up. They can in turn follow you and start having audio conversations in little 18 second bites. So you are able to create a community and build your tribe with audio.

Great no iPhone left out in the dark again!

Nope, as mentioned they have a browser-based portal. It can be found over at that allows for Android and other users to be able to mix audio through Audition, Audacity, or some other audio editing tools. After mixing the clip you upload it and enter a Title, an Image, Your description, and a link to more information you can then post the clammr or even schedule for a later time.

What can you do on Clammr?

You can first record your own voice, you can use music from your phone, audio from SoundCloud, Podcasts from the Apple podcasts app, you can remix other Clammr’s and then have sounds and sound clips. All of these are available from your phone. From your browser you can mix your own 18 second long MP3 file and then upload it. Fill out all the information and share to those following you.

So thank the guys smart guys over at Clammr and start your community up If you have a podcast then you have content. If you don’t have a podcast don’t worry about that you can still build a community of engaged fans and possibly customers?

Do you Clammr? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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Clammr (aka Audio Twitter)
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