What type of content do you share? Original content or curated content?In social media there are two types of content there is the Created content. Then there is the Curated content. Both have their own pros and cons and I thought it would do us good to look at these each separately and weight out the good the bad and the indifferent. That way when you are creating your social media plan you can decide how to proceed. Should you go on a creators blitz and create a whole bunch of content for your strategy or should you do nothing more than share what other people produce?

I know your time is short so let’s get started.

Creating your Own Content

People who are bloggers and social media professionals will always push for original content. Yet, why? Does original content actually help you out? What happens when you create content? What are the drawbacks of producing your own blog posts videos and images?

Why you want to create your own content

  1. You are able to share your own original thoughts and opinions. This is what your followers and customers truly are after. They want to know, “what do you think?” How do you perceive the new feature for your product will help them out? That new trend that is happening in your field is that a good thing or a not so good event? We all have an opinion and other people actually want to know your thoughts. So creating your own original content will help quench your fans thirst for your knowledge. And yes you are an expert in their eyes. They are in fact turning to you for a solution to their problem.
  2. It helps you rank higher in the search engines. We all want to have a better chance to be seen and found online. The best way is still through Google searches. If you are putting out fresh content at a consistent interval Google will actually take your content and show it higher than old content. So publish new blog posts. Release that new video of what your Whizbang2000 look like. It will help you stay relevant.
  3. It gives people something to share. People who are your fans and followers love to share updates on things they are passionate about. Even if you are a farmer outside of Amarillo, Texas, you have original content that your friends and family will share. And if you take the time to build a community then your community member will share your content to their followers. They want to say thank you for helping them. And one of the easiest ways they can do that is by sharing your original content.
  4. When you have regular content being released you actually can pique a person’s interest to keep coming back so they can keep abreast of the news and information you provide. The more you produce the more often your customers and followers will turn to you. They will keep returning as long as you keep releasing good original content
  5. One of the biggest reasons to produce original content is so that you are able to show the community who you really are. Now you may want to say that I placed this into the wrong category. This should be a drawback of creating content, not a perk. Yet I will disagree with you. Yeah putting yourself out there for the world to see can be intimidating sure. Though this is a bigger bonus than you think. People want to know you. Yes, they do. Don’t argue with me! They do they really do. Your community wants to know who you are. The more they know the more they want to do business with you. If you find those random trolls well that is ok also. Because this lets your followers see how graceful you are. Then again if you make a blunder then it shows the world that you are truly human. And this makes people want to endure themselves to you even more. So Suck it up buttercup and step into the light.

The downside of Original content

  1. Probably the biggest issue people have with creating their own content is the amount of time it can take. That I agree writing a good blog post can take around 4-5 hours if you are a good typist and an ok researcher. It can take even longer if you type like my dad did. The Hunt and peck style of typing. He wrote a whole book of poem doing just that. Two fingers and time. It is possible.There are ways to help speed up the typing process and it does work. I have written whole blog posts while driving and didn’t type a word. Well till I got to my destination and made the needed corrections. But you can create without actually typing. Then there is sharing your content out to the different social media sites and that doesn’t actually take much time. Other than coming up with ways to not repeat yourself. You do have to set aside the time to write out the content to at least know what you are going to talk about if you are doing a video or a podcast. So yeah it does take time.
  1. Another drawback of original content is that you may get something wrong. You may miss understanding a new product you are wanting to sell. With this miss understanding, you may disseminate this information to your group. What do you do? Admit that you messed up and that you gave out the incorrect information. You may have some people a bit upset at you but if you honestly lay it out of Front Street that you are sorry they will forgive you and come back. It has happened to the best of us. You are human
  2. The scary part of creating your own original content is putting you out in the open vulnerable to criticism. And this is why most people avoid creating. That a very good reason too. To place your neck out on the line just for some angry bozo to come along and take a chunk out of your confidence is very unnerving. It happens and if you have taken the time to nurture your community they will deal with the trolls and trouble makers. Also again as I said in number 5 of the previous section your people will come to like you more than if they didn’t get the chance to know you.
  3. Sometimes your content just doesn’t click. For whatever reason when you thought you had poured your heart and soul into a post only to see it fall flat with little to no shares. It can leave you frustrated or even angry as to why people are not getting whatever it is you were telling them. All I can say to this is it happens. Even to the professional bloggers, they write content that is just not that inspiring. Best thing to do is to try to find out why it fell flat and learn from that particular post.

Why Curate?

Now there is another side of the content spectrum. What are some reasons as to why you would want to curate other people’s content? What are some reasons as to why you wouldn;t want to use other people’s content? Let’s look into it.

  1. What if you came across a blog post that just said everything you have ever felt on a specific topic? Maybe it was written by a person you happen to look up to? Have you ever wanted to get a person you view as a celebrities attention? Curating their content can help do that. Especially if you add a comment about the post tag that celebrity. They may just reshare it to their group. it is possible. I use that tactic from time to time. It never fails to bring in a couple of extra eyes to my content.
  2. As we talked about earlier creating your own content con take a lot of time. so it can be a challenge to post at a frequency needed to keep your followers engaged. So to fill in the gaps of your posts you can also share other people posts that are relevant to your topic.
  3.  One of the toughest jobs is to keep on top of what the current events are in your field of expertise. So when you are able to help your followers out by gathering that news and sharing with them they, in turn, see you as a bigger expert than before.

Problems with Curating

  1. you can get stuck in that being all you do. It is very easy to fall into the trap of just posting other people’s content. This often happens when you try to automate your curative posts. Being Curative can actually cause you to do posts that will give you the impression that you don’t fully care about your field or you are just phoning it in. You don’t want that impression. Cause if you are the phone it in on your social media then what is stopping you from just phoning it in on your customer service? So don’t be lazy when you are curating content.
  2. Sometimes when you get your content together you will see a post that someone has possibly scraped off of another site. Thinking that it is new information you are actually giving out old news. this can make you look out of touch.
  3. Another draw back from curating other people’s content is that it is not in your voice. So when you curate add your own voice to the mix. throw in a comment or two. share your thoughts alongside the post you are sharing.

As in life too much of one thing is not good. You need to have a balance of both created original content and curative content. When you share other people’s content they get to know you. Your customers get to see what you think is important. They are also exposed to more information than what you could possibly write unless there were 4 of you.

So share your content with the world and then share other people’s content. you won’t be seen as helping the competition you will be seen as the bigger person because you are helping your followers out.


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