What is your social media message? I am sure many of you are going “OH COME ON NOW!” in frustration. You have been carefully trying to keep the few people in your tribe engaged and aware of your brand. Branding is been put on point so the folks that are able to recognize you and your company the moment. Now I come along and pose a new question that adds a new level of complexity to your social media strategy.

I get how that may look like a problem. Many people who are working hard on their social media planning. Yet, there always seems that each different channel is different. Facebook is just a little different than Twitter. While Instagram and Pinterest are off in left field. If you step back and look your social media blueprint is all over the place.

The Message to Rule them all.

Yes the Lord of the rings reference but in this case, it is not a product such as a ring. It is, though, a message. In other words your social media message. What is that message? Do you know? A before you go off with the talk mentioned at the beginning this message will actually help. It will help in time. In planning what you are going to say. It will cause your social media strategy to be easier to manage.

So do you have that ring? Have you ever thought of making a social media message? No? well, that is just fine. Crafting a social media message uses many of the same steps as building your business. So believe it or not most of the heavy lifting has already been done.

 How to craft your Social Media Message.

Your Customer

The biggest question, and possibly the most difficult if you are a new business owner, who is your customer? How well do you know your idea customer? You can answer that right off the bat if you have been in business for a couple of years. Many new people are busy with other parts of their business to think of their avatar or ideal customer. Yet, when you have this person in your sights you will be able to craft your message with ease.

This is because you know what your ideal customer is needing. Why they come for you. If you have done any other type of advertising you have crafted the person you are trying to attract. You are doing the very same thing for your social media.

If you don’t know your customer or you have ever seriously thought of your customer it isn’t too late just a little logic puzzling with a pen and paper, a good size amount of trial and error, and a pinch of intuition.

The first step is to try to visualize your ideal customer would be. Is it a man or woman? How old are they? do they have a family? Get as granular as you can. This allows you to understand your customer’s pain points. These problems will be unique to your customer. If you are a toy store you probably won’t be marketing to teenagers.

After you have gotten the rough form of your customer drawn up. You are then able to shape them with more details.

Listen to what is being talked about.

As you develop your ideal customer you will start to think of where they are gathering. Again if you have been in your business for several years, you know where your customers can be found. If the customer is a skateboarder you would have better luck finding them at a skatepark than at a water park.

When you have found where your customers reside, whether that is online or in real life. Do something that is actually very hard to do. Listen. Listen to what they are talking about. Are they mainly talking about something in your field? Is there a problem your product could fix? pay attention to the language that is being used. You will want to reuse it in your social media. This will help your customers come to know that you understand what the problem is.

Try to actually hear what their problems are, ask questions when you are talking. Ask twice as many questions as you have answers. You are trying to help your customer with their problem.

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar

That is ultimately the objective on social media. Helping your customer. Giving of your knowledge so that your customer can fix the problem at hand.

you can also find out about your customers through polls but try not to lose heart. Most times you will only get anywhere from 1-5% response rate from your customers and audience members. So it will be a low turn out. and if your audience base is very small there is a good chance you may not get more than one response.

Look to Analytics

You can also find out what your customer’s key problems are by looking at your analytics as a whole. You will not get much in the way of keyword help but you will be able to see what page they are going to and seeing this can give you a unique foresight to problems that are either up and coming or a side of your customers you may have never thought of before.

When talking analytics know that there is more than just Google analytics but there is also Facebook’s analytics that you can setup on your website and learn about your general audience. This will not tell you if aunt Gladys is visiting your site but you will be rewarded with lots of information. You can also use Twitters Analytics for much the same reasons.

Stitching it all together

Once you have the Who your customer is. You can apply it to the What their problem is Then finally stitching all that with the Why they are having the problem. You can now make your message and develop a platform for your customers.

You can then generate your social media plans to incorporate the how and why and write it with who in mind. The way that it is written is not really that important. Just as long as you are providing help to your customer and audience. If you try to sell at your customers it won’t work. Even if you have the best product customer designed with each person in mind to fix their every problem most will not take. Come to your customer as a servant and offer to help. Then they will be inclined to help back by thinking of you first.

When you are clear as to what your actual social media message is suppose to be. It becomes easier to create your unique and individual posts for each of the different platforms you are utilizing. So once you have your message write it down, save it, print it out and display it as you craft the perfect message for the masses.

What is your social media message? Did you craft it in a different way? please share in the comments below.

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

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I am here!

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How to Craft Your Social Media Message