There are those tools out there that are helpful and there are tools that are not helpful in fact there are tools in the social media realm that are downright harmful to doing social media well. Crowdfire is a tool that can be of wonderful assistance when used correctly. Crowdfire use to be known as Just Unfollow. This was a useful tool for finding out who unfollowed you on twitter, and allowed for you to see and just who unfollowed you in a particular time. I had used Just Unfollow for quite a while but fell off my radar. Then recently I decided to try out some of my old tools and noticed Just Unfollow was gone and from its ashes rose this Twitter Analytics powerhouse. Crowdfire is in away a handy Swiss army knife of analytical data and utilities to help grow your followers.

Crowdfire is a freemium application that can be found at and the apps made by Codeigami are available in the Google Play store and the Apps Store for iOS devices. That allows you to monitor and work with your Twitter and Instagram following. The lay out of the app is easy to follow. You have your different features available to you running down the side and most of them are open to you, but there are a few options that are for those that subscribe to the service.

Non Followers – This shows you who is not following you back. If you are obsessed with the golden ratio this can be a good place to go and whittle off a few people if the need arises.

Fans – These are the people that are following you but you are not following them back so there is a good chance that if you do not talk to them and notice that they have taken the time to follow you whether that is in the act of following them back or saying “hello” and “how are you?” or you make a comment on some of their posts from time to time you may lose them as followers.

Publish – This is a Tweet scheduler. You can create a series of tweets set the time and they will be posted either at once, or at the best time to tweet or when you choose to set it. But if you want this option you have to download a separate app called Publish that will allow for you to set your times. The schedule is not the best in my opinion I would look to BufferApp or Hootsuite’s scheduled tweet system but if you are wanting to tweet once a day this will do the trick.

Stats – Oh the beloved stats. Stats are a great way to compare your account against competitors. The stats have 5 different sections you do need to have the Stats app by Codeigami installed on your mobile device to fully use it on that phone or tablet.

  • Mentions – allows you to see how many time your account was mentioned and that is put up against your competitors. And you are able to view this for the last 7 days, the last month, and the last year.
  • Unfollowers – Who is losing followers faster? This metric will show you versus your compendious who has bored their audience more in the last Week month or year.
  • Followers – Who is building a crowd faster? You can see and if it is not you then look at you commendatory and view their tweeter stream and see what they are doing that is different than yours you might fnd that they are asking the pertainate questions or answering yours.
  • Retweets – show you who is being retweeted more in the last week month or year
  • Favorites – Which account is getting more of their tweets favorited?

Recent UnFollowers – Who has dropped off? But you don’t know who they are. With the Recent Unfollower category you can see just who has dropped off. You can then decide if it is worth following up on. If it is your number one customer who has unfollowed you, this could raise concern, and you can inquire and provide exemplary customer service and help you beloved customer out. Or it may have just been a bot and it doesn’t hurt your feelings either way. Yet, this option does provide quite a bit of good insight to who is leaving camp.

Recent Followers – This shows you who has recently followed you. Did you miss that high value potential client following you yesterday? You can find out everyone who has followed you and it give you the option to follow them back. You are also able to reach out and start building a relationship from the info in their bio or you can check out the latest tweets sent and respond to a tweet or two.

Inactive Following – This is a valuable option in Crowdfire. Why have you not heard from a good friend in a long while? This lists all the people who have not put out a tweet in 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. From here you can choose to unfollow someone and this is good for your general house cleaning.

All Following – This is a list of all the people that you are following. If you are just wanting to browse the list you have the opportunity here.

Copy Followers – Another high value option in this service. Here you can look up someone, say a competitor and you can then go through their list of followers and you can start following them. If you are looking to grow your audience fast. This feature is it. You can follow 25 people at a time on the free version unless you share a tweet about using Crowdfire and then you are allowed 50 follows. If you subscribe for $5.00 for a year you will have unlimited follows. This feature is great because often when you follow a person they will start to follow you so your numbers will keep growing.

Nearby – This feature will help you to find people in your current geographic area. You can choose who to follow or just strike up a conversation with a passing traveler

Friend Check – is a utility to see if one account is following another account.

White list – white list are for people you never want to unfollow

Black list – the Black list is basically those people you want banned from your presence.

Automate – allows for you to automatically send different tweets depending on the event.

  • You can do the very annoying and unproductive auto Direct Message if someone follows you
  • You can also automatically tweet out how many new followers you have either picked up or lost.
  • And you can also have to stats emailed

Recent Followers – High profile Twitter users that you might like to follow.

These features are available on the Crowdfire Mobile app. The Web page has more options but many of them are available with a subscription. So go out and try Crowdfire and see how well you can grow your twitter and Instagram following you just might be pleasantly surprised.

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