Here at Goodwin social media, I like to cover as many different social media platforms as I can. One platform I haven’t seen anybody mentions and it is the oldest social media platform and the best for finding new leads and getting your name out there.

I love lead ups like that. You were first probably thinking of Myspace then went even further to Friendster. Maybe you were active online even farther than that and thought of forums or chat rooms that were popular in Yahoo and AOL. Yet I am talking about the original Social Networking. This is the one that makes people with social anxiety break out in sweat.

I am talking about actually leaving your home office and going out into town and actually shaking hands. Which is fun because this gives the germophobic people heart palpitations. Yet there is an extra level of reward that happens when you meet a potential client in person. I call this social network Analog Social Networking.

What is Analog Social Networking?

As I described it earlier it is actually going out and shaking hands, talking face to face to people in real life, or as the kids say IRL. This is taking time sometime during the week to talk to someone who is in the same room as you.

RaidedEyebrowIt is going out to different gathering places. Walking down Main Street. Maybe there is a mixer being put on by a local business or your local Chamber of commerce. Join a civic organization like Rotary Club or the Lions Club. Here you can meet new people. People of prominence and your average businessman.

Besides the meeting of new and exciting people. You are also able to work on your presentations and learn what the different objections are though facial responses.

Humans are also still social creatures. Getting out and talking to people helps alleviate much of that social anxiety many people feel when they are in a large group. Talking in a group is also a muscle that has to be worked. If you become a digital hermit you turn socially awkward. Which in turns makes it even more of a challenge to talk to people in real life.

Why is Analog Social Networking still good?

One of the biggest problems may new small business owner’s state is that they can’t find their ideal customer. When they post on to Facebook or Twitter and there is no reaction more often than not these lack of interactions are because you are not speaking your customer’s language. If they express frustration about XYZ but you are calling it JKM. Your customers are not going to think you have a solution to their problem. Because of you are not speaking the same language.

Another advantage to going out and meeting people in person. You are more rememberable. Your face and voice together make a better impression on the people you meet they will have an easier time remembering when they see and hear you in person.

Another advantage to seeing people in person is the health benefits. Getting out of your office, walking around, and actually talking to people who you don’t know all have benefits to your health. So get out and talk to folks. Your heart will thank you for it.

How do I access the Analog Social Network?

How you access the Analog Social Network is very similar to how you access a digital network. Think of where your potential customers are and I bet you can find a gathering of those people. If you are looking for business people you might look to your Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce. If you are looking for parents then might look at a school function. No matter how small your town. There is some type of civic gathering that will help you get your name out.

If for some reason you are not able to find a place your potential customers me then you can look to a site like You might also find community bulletin boards and announcement centers. These can help let folks who are not so technical to know that you are having a meeting. The more meetings you have the more it will come.

Now, this goes great in conjunction with your digital strategy. So be a part of your community and go out and make some friends you will reach a group of your customers that will appreciate the time you have spent with them.

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

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I am here!

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