Now that Facebook has pretty much opened up Live streaming for all of their users. Well at least for the American users. People are trying to find out how to use the service on their website and facebook page. Now Facebook says they are going to open live streaming up for their pages too but at the moment, you have to have a verified page to be able to use it. So it will be a little longer before the Internet Marketeers will be able to overrun your facebook news feed with their videos. But you can, at least, use the video after you have finished the video to repurpose to your website by doing facebook embeds.

There are actually two different way to do facebook video embeds. The easy way and the more detailed way. The more detailed way actually gives you more options like the size of the video if you want to make your facebook live video larger. So let us not scare everyone off and start with the easy way first

If you have made your video public, which I would recommend you do, this way is quick and easy.

The Easy Way

  1. Find the video you want to embed.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow in the top right-hand corner of that post.
  3. Choose Embed Video.
    Screen shot of a facebook live stream video showing where theree Embed video can be found
  4. The embed code will be highlighted so all you have to do is right click the code and choose Copy
  5. Open your WordPress website
  6. Choose Add new post
  7. Enter the they story for the video, any key points you would like the reader/viewer to see
  8. Over on the right-hand side of the text box, you will see two tabs Visual and Text
  9. Click the Text tab
  10. Now you might see some extra bits if the information you didn’t enter when you were typing that is just fine. Click at the very bottom of the text box and your user will show up at the bottom of the post or click at the top to have your video show at the top.
  11. Right click and choose paste and you will see the code you copied appear in your post.
  12. Click Save Draft

You can now preview your post and see if it is to your liking or if need be and you want to move your video at the top then just click the beginning of your post and paste there. You have now embedded your video on your WordPress site.

Now for the more involved route if you didn’t choose public

The Hard Way

  1. Find video you want to embed
  2. If you video is not set to public you will have to
  3. Right click on the date of the video
  4. Choose copy link address
    You can right click on the date of the video you want to embed to get the url of the video
  5. Go to Facebooks Embed Page
  6. Here you have a set of directions on how to use the embed generator.
  7. Scroll down to the Embed Player Configurator
  8. Paste in the copied address
  9. Adjust the size by the number of Pixels across you want the video. Pretty much the default is a good number.
  10. Click the Get Code button
    Paste in your url and then get code
  11. In the pop up there will be two sections the first you will enter into the top of your <Body> Tag
  12. The second section will be placed in your post.facebookliveEmbedConfigHTML

As you can see it is better to post your live video publicly first the steps are much more streamlined. Yet, either way, you choose you can have your facebook videos show up in your WordPress website.

Have you used Facebooks Live video yet? What do you think of it?

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Embed your Facebook videos in your WordPress site
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