Facebook has Moments. That exclusive app for influencers and celebrities alike. I am sure that, like me, you have tried to get the famous blue check mark. Only to be shot down with the basically you are not famous enough email.

The big allure about Mentions is that you are able to get granular data about your followers. This is some helpful in-depth information. This data is typically not allowed to us the unwashed facebook masses.

Retweets graph from the twitter Engage appTwitter has decided to get into the game and has created Engage app (iTunes). It provides stats  on Live details that unfold as you send out a brand new tweet. the big difference between Mentions and Engage is Everybody can use Engage. Though influencers will have more use of this app than the rest of us. Still, it is fun to watch the interactions tick up and at least give you an ego boost.

Influencer Interaction

Engage is actually for Influencers. Yet, if you think about we all are an influence in somebody’s life. Engage allows for That Hairstylist in Amarillo to use one of the most active mediums in social media. The user can find out who they are reaching, and that person may be an influence themselves.

When an influencer mentions you

Nothing gets a new twitter user giddy than when a celebrity mentions you. It is also a bigger chest inflater when they address you first or they share a blog post you wrote. Twitters Engage tells you the what tweet and when they did so.

You will also find out when your post in retweeted by an influencer. Which means your reach got just little bigger, and a few more people are aware of who you are.

Engage the Influencer that follows you

Now influencers are not only those folks who have the blue checkmark. For Twitter, influencers are also Nonverified people. You, as I mentioned earlier, are an influencer. So it is cool to find out that an influencer is following you. Twitters Engage app will let you know who that influencer is, and allow for you to follow them back. Therefore allow you to build that relationship even deeper.

Engage has live stats

Likes graph for the Twitter EngageHow many impressions are you getting from that epic tweet you just posted? How many retweets? Are you getting any new replies?

Not getting much? Try looking a little longer term as in the last 7 days you will see that you do get some interactions. You may see much more likes and retweets than what you thought. and you can see what percent your follows are growing. You are also able to see how many mentions you are getting and what percent you have grown.

Engage Videos

How many video views you have had? Again, Twitter Engage will let you know what video went viral.  Also tells you what video just didn’t take off.

Now is Twitter Engage going to be a game changer? no, not really. It allows for its users to get a better idea of the quality of posts they are placing on Twitter. It will allow for a building of a relationship or two but it will not make a tweet go viral.

I do believe that this is a good tool to use to check the quality of your tweets. If used for that purpose twitter itself will improve.

If people use the app for vanity metrics then they will not improve as much. Because they will be trying to find a way to game the system. In that case, nobody wins.

Do you use Twitters Engage app? What do you think of it?

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Twitters Engage: Are you an Influancer?
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