What happens when you open Facebook? Most people see their news feed and….

Yeah, that is about it. That news feed is great for drawing your attention to what your friends are posting. In fact, the news feed is so good that most I bet you didn’t know of all the other options Facebook does. I bet you had no clue that there were shopping and other options that are available to you.

Many people know about groups and fewer know about the marketplace. But you can buy movie tickets and order food through Facebook. Yep, there are so many options that people just don’t look at. so I thought it would be fun to explore everything that is int he Hamburger menu down on the bottom right-hand corner of your mobile app. So yes this is a mobile view. but the vast majority of these options are available to you through the Desktop also.

The Hamburger Menu?

The Hamburger MenuYep, there is a design icon that is called the hamburger. It is the Three lines that are stacked on top of each other. It looks like bread meat bread and so that is why they call it the hamburger. it is often used for the menu on on websites and apps. So that is a very quick overview as to the hamburger menu got its name. Facebook has one of these down in the lower right-hand corner of their app. Now the list changes or at least mine does Sometimes I will see the Explorer feed at the top. Then other times it is found lower down the list. So, these are subject to and will move around on you. I guess it is like Wal-Mart where they have to move everything around so you have to stay longer looking for what you are after.


Shortcuts are for the quick access to your favorite features



Behind the Hamburger menuDo you ever save a post? Did you know you can save posts to view at a later date? You can and to do so you just click on the three dots on the top right corner of a post you would like to save. Here you will see Save Post in the drop down. Once you have saved a post you are able to view it again in this section of the Facebook Explorer. So you can now start saving those recipes and funny video you are wanting to show your roommate.


If you are looking for a new place of employment a good place to look is on Facebook. This section will show you all the different job opportunities that are available in your area. If you are looking to move to a new area you can look up that area and see what jobs are available. You can choose from an assortment of different industries and Job types. More and more companies are actually starting to post their jobs on Facebook.

Applying on Facebook is easy just make sure you have all of your information in your profile accurate if you have The  School of Hard knocks as your location of Education you might want to remove it. You still want to present a professional image. So have a good profile picture That is because when you apply it takes all the information from your profile. Who you are working for to your education is posted in your facebook application so I can’t stress it enough  for best job searching results clean your profile up


For the longest time, Facebook had a groups app. But recently they consolidated the Groups app back into the Facebook Mobile app. This is where all of your groups are found. You can search and participate in all your group activities the same as you could in the old Groups App.


img_0325-1Did you know you could shop directly in Facebook? You actually are able to look at different merchandise and purchase that product right from Facebook.  You can look for different categories of  and subcategories

  • Vehicles
    • Vehicles
  • Electronics
    • Mobile Phones
    • Electronics & Computers
  • Home & Garden
    • Tools
    • Furniture
    • Appliances
    • Household
    • Garden
  • Clothing & Accessories
    • Clothing & Shoes – Men
    • Jewelry & Accessories
    • Clothing & Shoes – Women
    • Bags & Luggage
  • Hobbies
    • Auto parts
    • Sports & Outdoors
    • Antiques & Collectables
    • Bicycles
    • Musical Instruments
    • Arts & Crafts
  • Entertainment
    • Video Games
    • Books, Movies, & Music
  • Family
    • Toys & Games
    • Baby & Kids
    • Health & Beauty
    • Pet Supplies

Why not dive in and see if you can find something that you just can’t live without. When you do you can save it and share it out to your friends if you would like to drop a hint or two.

If you are wanting to know how to get our store listed in the Facebook store I will be writing about that soon.


This year has contained a few natural disasters. Or there may have been a personal disaster that has happened to a family member or maybe you help an organization that needs some extra money. If that is the cast then the Fundraiser section is right up your alley.

This section allows you to both setups and finds different fundraisers. You will find people donating their birthdays. People helping other people or they are needing help with a purchase of an item.

  • Arts, Culture, and Humanities
  • Education
  • Environment and Animals
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • International, Foreign Affairs
  • Public, Societal Benefit
  • Religion-Related
  • Mutual or Membership Benefit

You are also able to find what is currently popular on Facebook. You can manage any fundraisers you are currently running or look at past fundraisers. So do a good dead donate or start a donation for your favorite cause


This is the central place on Facebook to handle all things friends. You can get anything from suggestions to taking back Friend requests. This is our Friend Central.

You can Look for suggestions of people who your friends are friends with. If you want to search for people you can look under the search section.

If you Have any friend request they will show up under the Requests section

Under the Contacts section, you can find new friends through your contacts. All the people you have in your phone list

You can then look at your Friends and manage them.

Then there is the last section that is the Outgoing friend’s requests. if you have decided that trying to friend your ex from 10 years ago is a bad move so you can take that outgoing request back.

Explore Feed

Explorer FeedThis is the newest feed that is available for you to see. These are feed items that you do not follow but you may just like. These are items that are found through the algorithm that matches other stories that you have liked.

Look at finding a new source of puppy videos you won’t be disappointed

Order Food

You have been sitting at your Facebook reading all of the different activities and you have realized that you are hungry. What do you do? You order food through the Order food feature.

You click start order and from here you can then order your meal and it will be ready for you when you arrive. So yes you will have to get out in public and actually interact with people.

Top Live

img_0326-1Facebook is all about live video right now, and if you would like to be able to see who is live where. Then this section is just for you. I have found some of the most fascinating streams through this feed.

Granted you are going to see a lot of webinars because when internet marketeers find a new toy they use it till the wheels fall off. So you can find some good demonstrations and you can also find some talks that will make you think. just know you can bounce if it is a snoozefest.

Ads manager

You may have this you may not. This is just a link to your Ads Manager app on your phone


This is another app link to the app Moves if you use your phone for a step counter Moves will repost that to Facebook.


This is every list you have created. This includes the Most Recent feed which bypasses the algorithm and shows you everything.

Now for a while, Facebook had lists I haven’t seen them shown in a while but if you were like me you played with having very granular privacy settings. I had at one time set it up so that you could have a post show up for everybody but a group in a certain list. Then also if you wanted to have a Twitter-like effect you could see only posts from say the work feed. or you could make your cyberstalking easier by having an ex-boyfriends list and see how they got on without you.

I would look this section over a few times it does provide some nice information from time to time.

Trending News

Now this one got some press during the elections. If you are wanting to find out what is happening in the world the Trending news will give you an overlook of today’s events. If you are needing information to post to your profile then look through the trending news you will find something of interest.

QR Code

img_0330-1Well, I know the Scott Straten will cringe at this but you can have a QR code that will direct you to your profile. Actually, this can be used for a couple of different reasons. Neither one is all that good. but if you have a difficult profile to find because your name is John Smith. Then you can open up your QR code and your lifelong Facebook friend can open up their QR code and he can scan your code and Tada! Other than that, yeah not that useful. This one probably won’t get used but it is there for those “JUST IN CASE!”

Nearby Friends

Your cruising the countryside and you reach a city or a town and you want to see if there are any Facebook friends nearby. You can open this section and see who is in the neighborhood.

Find out who is close to you.  You can then “Wave” at them. from there you are able to see about meeting up and going to go do something around town.

Instant Games

If you like to play games with your online Facebook friends then the instant games section will have you screaming curse words at inappropriate times. There are games that cover all genres. From Words with Friends to Tower Defense games they have a nice smattering to help you work on your sportsmanship.

Discover People

This is actually an interesting section to look at. Facebook is actually wanting you to grow and diversify your friends. find new people Each of the different sections that are shown in here pulls up a list of profiles of those people who meet those certain criteria.

The different criteria are

  • Up Coming Events
  • Past Events
  • Groups
  • Cities visited
  • Discover People

When you look at these sections closer you are able to see an overview of that person and you can see what they have in common with you. As in how many mutual friends you both have. What different pages you have liked. Both worked at a common business. such items as that. So you can go off and introduce yourself.

What it has you do is first update your Bio and Featured images if you haven’t touched them in a while. From here you are able to browse the different events you have shown interests in.

From here you can see all the different groups you are apart of. So if you want to make some new friends they are often going to be in the different groups you are apart of.

If you can’t find anybody worth being friends within your groups then you can look at the different cities you have recently visited.

From there if you still don’t know anybody they will cover more often than not, the city or town you live in and Friends of Friends. So You might go make a new friend or two.


Whats happening around town? not sure well then look in the events section of the hamburger menu to find out. There is always something going on in your area. It may be a few miles down the road but if you want a touch of the local culture you can defiantly find it in the events sections.

Here you can find the local Rattlesnake festival, or see that the local little theater is putting on your favorite play. Maybe you are wanting to be more civic in your events then often local Chamber of Commerce will post their events so that the towns will know whats happening. So have a look and see what you might just be missing.

Device Requests

Often if you have a smart TV or the like and you are able to link that device up to your Facebook it will give you a device request. This is the section you will find the place to enter your code. If you can’t find the device you are trying to sync up to make sure you are on the same WiFi Network.


This is a link to your Instagram app


You have seen people asking for recommendations around a town. In this section, you can see what all of your friends who are asking for recommendations. So in case you missed one and know the best solution to their predicament. You can add it to their list.

Town Hall

Who is your president? Who is your Vice President? Ok here s a hard one who is your local State Representative? Hmm? Don’t know? Well, now you can find out and follow them at the same time.

Whether you voted for the guy or not you should follow your government officials. you don’t have to comment on what they are or are not doing but it is good to be in the know.

Recent Ads Activity

These are all the different ads that you have recently interacted with. Whether that is you reading an article they had up or you clicking like or share. Anytime you engaged with an ad they will store it here for later review.

If you have saved an ad for later viewing you can look under the saved tab here and see how many ads you have saved and you can then save them or read the piece if you like.


img_0344-1So what is the weather going to be like today? As my Grandfather would like to joke. Go outside and find out? Many of us don’t want to do that. So Facebook has helped us out so that we don’t have to leave Facebook and venture over to weather.com or one of the other weather sites out there.

Facebook has set up their own little weather station just for you. it will give you an hourly update and the 5-day forecast.

You are also able to go into settings in the top right-hand corner. Just Click the gear icon in this section and set what cities you want to keep track of and How you want your temperature given. would you like normal Ferienhhieht or Celsius? your choice.

Facebook will also each morning give you the weather so you are aware of whats happening for that day in whatever town you choose.

Crisis Response

In this section, we have the Safety Checks that Facebook puts out for different disasters that happen in the world. If you have a friend that is in that area This section will let you know and tell if they have responded. You can also offer help or find help by going to the different disasters that are listed.

IN each of the different disasters you also can find news articles and videos centered around that particular crisis that is going on.

On This Day

This is a fun section you have seen them show up on your news feed from time to time. showing what you posted at this time last year or 3 years ago. The fun of resharing a great classic

After a month in the Intensive Care Unit, this family finally got a call that Dad would be getting a double organ transplant to save his life. In the intense early morning hours prior to surgery, the kids decided to help pass time by hooking mom up to a Virtual Reality rollercoaster ride….not sure that helped Mom relax at all.

Posted by Break on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Might do you good to take a trip down memory lane every so often you might dig up a fine gem that you have to reshare.

Buy and Sell Groups

img_0346-1If you are a member of any groups there is a good chance that one of them is a community yard sale group or as Facebook likes to call them BUY AND SELL. These are the groups that are known for populating the marketplace. So if you are looking for a cheap refrigerator or windmill blades this is the place you can look and will more than likely find what you are needing. It may or may not be in the best of shape but you can find it here.


This section is a bit different. This links to apps that have been mentioned already in this post but also it is where you are able to see the apps that your friends have invited you to play. So get ready I am sure Candy Crush something is listed in here.

Some of the other points of this section are.

  • Crisis center
  • Suggested Edits
  • Pokes
  • Shops
  • Jobs
  • Trending News
  • Messenger
  • Fundraiser
  • Town Hall
  • Live Videos
  • Instagram

So if you have been missing being poked by your friends you can now restart the good old fashion poke fight. Now, will anybody respond to the poke? may not but hey it is still there.

The other key point is the suggested Edit. and these are good to do the ensure the accuracy of the information about local businesses.


If you are a sports fan and need to know how your team is doing without watching the game cause the players are taking the knee. This is the section you will want to look at.

You can see what your favorite teams are doing. You can add or remove favorite teams if you are a bandwagon fan. The different sports you can follow is a bit surprising though. especially with Facebook being such a progressive company.

You can follow the following:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NCAAM – The odd thing I am seeing is no women’s sports leagues. Hmm Someone is gonna get yelled at.
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • then there are 10 different Soccer groups
  • CS:GO – Which I am not sure why I have a counter strike game listed since I didn’t know people still played it.
  • DoTa2 this is another video game but I am not sure why it is here and not CoD so maybe this is dynamic.

Send and Request Money

This will actually redirect you to Facebook Messenger. Because they actually have a send and receive money feature in messenger. Not bad when you are in a pinch but both people have to use messenger.


Here you can see what pages you are managing and are not being managed under the Facebook Business. So you can see and go to your pages if you don’t have the pages app.

Find Wi-fi

Needing a local open wifi? This doesn’t mean your neighbors open wifi., THis is to help businesses who offer free wifi access be noticed and draw new and existing customers in. When you pull up the map it will show you what businesses have Free Wifi. you can go to their page or you can get directions.


img_0337-1If you are a local business and you can not find yourself in this section. I would recommend you find out how you get listed in this section. This is a listing of local businesses that are under different categories.

  • Your Places – These are all the different locations you have checked into. So if you are looking for the name of that excellent Mexican food restaurant from last week you can find it here. Well as long as you checked in that is.
  • Friends Places – This is where your friends have checked in so you can find out where their new favorite dive bar is located.
  • Restaurants – eateries this is made just for you make sure your Facebook page is listed.
  • Coffee and Tea – Coffee bars same goes for you make sure your page is showing up. if not find out or get the help of someone who knows how.
  • Going Out – These are bars, night clubs, dance halls and the like. If a person who is new to the area likes to have a social life they could look here.
  • Events – What events are happening in your area? they will show up here.
  • Offers – If you have any special offers for your area these offers will show up in this section.
  • Order – hearing your stomach grumble? you can order food from this section and it will be ready for you to pick up.
  • Haircuts – Barbershops and Salons this is made just for you. If you’re not listed you might want to talk to me and I can help you out.
  • Movies – Find out what movies are playing nearby and then buy the tickets all while in Facebook. You won’t have to fight the lines to go see the new flick.
  • Nearby Updates – These are nearby pages that have made an update to their status.
  • Jobs – If you need work this will direct you to all the jobs in your current area.
  • Shopping – Retail stores you might want to make sure you are listed in this section it makes it easier for people to find you.
  • Parks – look for a place to relax or work out. There are lots of parks in your general vicinity that will fit the bill
  • landmarks – Any unique places will be listed here.
  • Art – We all need a little culture in our lives.


If there are any businesses that are offering deals you can find them in this section.


You can actually find a theater that has seating available and then buys the tickets right from Facebook. Isn’t modern life amazing? you don’t have to mess with the crowds and you are good to go. Well, you do still have to wait in line for the Popcorn.

That is a lot of hidden goodness right there. It is truly sad that people don’t take as much advantage of the hidden features on Facebook. Maybe you can now become the Facebook Power user for your group of friends as you amaze them with that coupon to the local theater and while going there you order food for after the show? Now you could actually be that cool mystical person.

I would defiantly check these out and look at how your small business can use these features to get ahead of the local competition. because if you didn’t know about these I bet the competition down the street didn’t know. so You could get a leg up. Need any help let me know

Do you have any features that weren’t listed in here? please share them in the comment section below.

I am here!

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