Facebook has a new service that is available for brick-and-mortar or physical stores called Beacon, and the possibilities are nice. Facebook Beacon introduces a concept for those who are wanting to combine social media with their physical store location.

What is a Facebook beacon?

The Beacon is a battery operated device that uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It sends out a ping and if a phone with Bluetooth and location services turned on, the customers phone will pick up that ping. The Facebook app will then show your customer, your stores information that is available on your Facebook fan page.

Since the Facebook Beacon does just the ping, it is a one-way device. It just sends out an identifier that a phone picks up and from there that phone actually does all the communication, with Facebook. The back-and-forth therefore so no data is being shared. Your customer will not have to worry. They have full control over what is being sent. Your customers can ignore the ping, if they want or engage in the welcome note. Look and see what’s going on your Facebook page and what of their friends have checked in at the establishment.

When your customer gets the ping and activates the Facebook app on the iPhone several great marketing opportunities happen. First off, it introduces your customer to a welcome note and picture. This is tied to  your Facebook page so if they haven’t like your page before then they have the opertunity to click the like button. If they are already a fan of your page, then they can see posts and pictures. If they’ve had friends stop by your store. Your customer will see that their friends have checked in before and be awarded the opertunity to see pictures and status updates that were made when they checked in at your store.

There are several different types of stores that will benefit from the use of Facebook Beacon. This could be restaurants, becausea lot of people like the Place food pictures. There’s also clothing stores, curio shops, consignment stores, just about any store that stand to improve their customer engagement.   Which would be just about any type of brick-and-mortar establishment, could benefit from a Facebook Beacon. The opportunities of being able to get right in front of your customers face and eyes as we know are priceless.

Where can you get one

So how do you get a Facebook Beacon are you having to begin do you have to be in a special program or anything along Wellsland you have to sign up to get a beacon and the beacon is free you go to this Facebook page and sign up now I give the other information blots information was if I should I Garten gathered for this for this post I gathered from their sign-up sheet.

How do I turn location in Facebook?

The tips feature is activated in the Facebook for iOS app.

  • Tap the menu button (three horizontal lines), scroll down and tap Settings,
  • Tap Location > Place Tips Settings,
  • Tap to turn place tips in News Feed on or off.

For the moment the Facebook bacon and the way that works is a feature that is only available in the Facebook app for the iPhone they are making one making it where works for android but at the moment at this very moment is not available but this is a device that can become invaluable for your business to the fact that it allows people to be able to see you socially and Bill will share with their friends socially that they are currently at your business and currently doing XY or Z so you might work at Beacon it’s a possibility that this is a device that will add for very inexpensive amount of being free a great marketing tool for you and your company

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Facebook Beacon for your store
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