The other day I was thinking as most bloggers and small business folks do, “How can I generate more engagement on my blog?” I have started working a bit harder on making sure I get the blog out in front of more eyes.

One of the ways you can do this is by posting helpful and relevant comments on other blogs. Now, most of the time the comment systems were either WordPress’ commenting system or Disqus commenting system. That was until I came across Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert blog, and saw a commenting system I completely forgot about.

There are several different types of commenting systems for your WordPress may have died out but a few good ones have remained. I have played with most of them at one time or another in my search for the perfect commenting medium. I had heard that Facebook put out a plug-in and even came across it from time to time, and thought nothing of it.

This time though it was different because with the new algorithm change people have been struggling with the reach of their pages dropping, and not subtly either. The big thing most everyone knows about the new algorithm is that it runs off of comments. The more people talk and converse on a Facebook post the better reach that post will get. Yet, if you try to force the conversation by using engagement bait or saying things Like if you agree or type Amen. Then your post will actually be demoted and pretty much be shoved off into Facebook purgatory.

So I know I was looking at this Facebook linked comment system and thinking,

“Hey! Facebook wants us to have more conversations with each other right?”

To which I responded to myself because I am just odd that way, “Yep Facebook does like conversation now.”

“So is this considered a conversation?” I asked.

“Yes, I believe that this commenting system with it being linked to Facebook would qualify as a form of conversation.” I then thought back in a curiously excited tone.

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And that is how I came to this blog post. I was wanting to get a few questions answered and see if it would help you out with the dropping Facebook reach and engagement. So I am actually asking the question, “Will having Facebook comments set up on your blog help with engagement?”

How to install

First off I needed to install a plugin. I could do it manually but I try not to mess with my WordPress child themes too much. After a little looking, I found Facebook Comments. It has one of the higher star ratings and looks to be fairly straightforward. And easy it is.

  1. Download install and activate the Facebook Comments Plugin.
  2. Under the Settings tab on the left, you will see Facebook Comments
  3. Click Facebook Comments
  4. Here you will need to create a Facebook App. All you really need is an app ID so if you already have an app you don’t have to create a new one. So just copy the App ID number.
  5. Going back to your site and past the App ID number into the Facebook App ID space.
  6. Then go through the other settings you can leave the check marks where they are unless you know that you need to change something. From this point, you can click save.
  7. Under the Display Settings, You don’t need to worry about having checkmarks under the homepage or pages. Unless you already have comments set up for those.
  8. If you have people who you want moderators you can add their names to the appropriate spot.
  9. Once saved you can then go and disable the old comment system or you will have two sets of comments

Right off the bat, I see that there are advantages and disadvantages to using the Facebook comment system. The biggest problem I see is that the comments do not link to just one post.

What I had in my mind was that when I posted a comment that comment would show up under the Facebook post on the page it was posted. Essentially one comment thread for all posts.

I know it was a pie in the sky and realized my folly the moment I didn’t’ see my comment on the last post. For each post a person makes, that is a unique post. So unless someone shares a post with plenty of talking happening you won’t see those conversations. To fully understand what I mean next time you see a friend sharing a pages post you will see that there are a couple of comments. Yet when you click on the post, you will go to that pages actual post where there are lots more conversations going on. That is because the posts are separate.

Yet there are imitate advantages and disadvantages to using Facebook comments for your blog.


Instant Log in

The big advantage is that you don’t have to bug your readers into entering their information over and over again. Most people are already logged into their Facebook account so adding a comment is easy. Your readers can add a comment and press post and away it goes.

If you want to reply to a post you can actually reply as your brand. You can choose the facebook page you are wanting to comment as. Then type what you want to say press send and your post will look like your page responded. If you come across other sites that are using the Facebook commenting remember you can comment on your brand. So lots of good that can do.

Easy to Set up

I know I listed 9 steps on setting up the plugin but for Facebook that is an easy run. Took all of 5 minutes from the moment I chose that plug into when I was able to comment. It was not difficult at all.

It is not anonymous

This is a big troll deterrent. Unless the troll you have doesn’t care if people know his name. This can help facilitate sharing of comments too in that a person can choose to turn their comments into a post.

Comment as a page

I will cheer this idea. You are able to comment and have discussions on your Facebook business page. This is a nice way to make sure you keep the brand image running through the whole experience.


No link back to your website

My problem is that there is no link back to your site. I reality this is why many people like to leave comments is a way to join in on the conversation but to also leave a small blog calling card behind. That way people who may agree with you can go and visit your site.

There is no running commentary on your post.

Probably the biggest drawback I see. Also good chance that it is why this little experiment is going to fail. Yet I am going to leave the Facebook commenting here and see if my reach increases some.

You could lose your comments

If you are like me and you are switching to Facebook comments and then decided to go back to the WordPress commenting system, the comments you received on Facebook will be gone from your site. You essentially you will lose them.

So, now it is time for a test and sees if my reach improves or stays the same. Sadly I don’t think it is going to help at all. This is because the post you originally place on your page will not receive the comments also. It would be nice if it did. but who know let’s see. You can help by leaving a comment at the bottom. Do you think it will help or not?



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Can Facebook Comments Help your Reach?
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