You may have heard about this or this could be the first time you are hearing this. Either way, I would hate for it to get past you without you knowing about it. It isn’t good, in fact, it is downright sucky. You have until the 7th of July to download and save your pictures.

Faceboo mentions app screen shot saying that the synced photos will be delted on July 7, 2016
From Facebook, help page


Because It is Facebook’s desire to so. There are a few ideas running around my head. If I was to try to read Facebook mind I would say that these unseen images were taking up way too much space. When I downloaded my Synced photos I had over 1000 pictures that totaled close to 500 MB. Now up that by the Billion plus users Facebook has. That is more than you monster raid drive could handle.

Since Nobody is sharing these pictures. Nor are they seen it is, in essence, a waste of space. So, yeah I can see why they would force you over to an app that is for sharing with other people.

What do I DO!

First, stop Hyper-Ventrillicating. Then read the next slowly. There is only a certain photo group that is going to be deleted. These types of Photos are the synced from your Phone pictures. Not all your pictures will be removed. Just the ones that have are synced.

Before you say I haven’t know that there is a good chance you have. The best way to check is to go to your Facebook profile and go to photos and see if you have Synced from Phone. If you do, then you will be surprised at how many pictures you actually have in this folder.

If you have Synced From Phone you have pictures that can be downloaded.
  1. Now click on the Synced from Phone and
  2. you will read Download your Synced Photos click on this link and
  3. wait for a few moments and you will then get a notice that your pictures are ready to download.
  4. Click the notice
  5. Your pictures will download as a Zip file.

You can then extract them and see all the pictures you have forgotten about. You can then go through and decide what pictures you want to keep and what others are able to go away. You will find that there are a lot of duplicate photos and knee shots. Might be a picture or two that you saved from a web page.
So I will agree that Facebook could have changed the way they handled the extra pictures. Yet I am not really seeing any better choice. Just get people to download their pictures and reshare them on Moments. So please share this. Share with everyone you know. That way they are able to get their pictures before the images are gone.

I am here!

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I am here!

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Facebook is going to Delete Your Pictures!
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