Facebook, everyone is on it. You are on Facebook you share posts of people the styles you have created. You share some of the most imaginative and witty haircare memes on the net. You are using Facebook to promote your business. Yet did you know you are limiting your scope of potential customers? Yep, you are you are limited to only 5000 friends on Facebook.

You don’t only cut your friend’s hair. You also have customers who you are not on your Facebook friends list, and in a way you are excluding them. Your customers could be missing the fun. You could also inspire a potential client to get a new hairdo

You can increase your customer base with the use of Facebook pages. Yes, there are many many gripes about Facebook pages. These complaints can be heard around social media circles. Most of those complaints are centered around the lack of interaction. That lack of interaction is caused by Facebook’s Pay to Play policy true. Yet, if you pay attentions to your Facebook timeline. You will see that most of your friends are sharing posts from pages. I agree not all of the posts are Facebook page posts, but a good deal of them are from pages.

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How is that Possible if Facebook pages do not get any interaction? From this standpoint, it looks like Facebook pages get quite a few interactions. The difference from good posts and bad posts are the quality of the stories. Many of the stories are funny while some stories incite the sad reaction, and then they are shared. From there they are shared again and again. The key to that is the quality of the story.

The Truth of Facebook Pages

So why do so many pages get so few interactions?

Facebook’s algorithm is based on your actions. From those actions, Facebook tries to judge what you will like in the future.

A good example of how Facebook works. Have you ever found yourself on one of the Buzzfeed’s pages? After liking a couple of their posts you find your feed is full of Buzzfeed posts? That is the Facebook algorithm at work. It saw that you liked the videos with the little kittens and so Facebook is sharing more kitten videos.

With that bit of knowledge, you can help bend the Algorithm to your favor. One is share are your own Facebook page posts on your Facebook profile. Your friends are set to see your posts more often so it gives your page post more views.

Another little hack to get more eyes on your posts is to share your posts to groups. There isn’t any algorithms action happening here. So it is just everybody seeing what everybody is posting. BUT! and this is a big word of caution. Do not spam! Post Only, if it helps the people of that Facebook group. If you start just posting your Facebook page to random groups. You WILL be kicked and your posts will be removed also. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Post to hairdresser pages. Or, if your post is about a particular product. You might share with a group that is about hair care products. You might even be as bold as to share it on that product’s Facebook page. If it is good enough the could share it with their community.

Then there is paying the toll. You can pay Facebook to show your posts to those people who have liked your page. You can go easy on the funds, and increase the reach of your posts. just don’t boost your post. If you are intent on boosting then just hand the money to the guy on a corner it will go to more use. If you want to increase your reach by paying then use the power editor. You will be amazed at the reach you can get for the relatively little amount of money spent.

So how can you use Facebook pages?

Facebook Live

There are several “features”  you can use to build a following on your Facebook page. The newest one is Facebook Live.You can use a few different means to create the Facebook Live Stream. There is your phone or you can use a Mevo and have a dedicated camera for your live streams. With Facebook Live, you can actually have a live show that you can use in a few different ways.

Weekly show

You can have a show that covers common problems men and women have with hair. Whether it is the benefits of letting your hair air dry or other hair care information. This is an easy way to share your knowledge about hair. When you show others what you know then you become more of an expert these potential clients. Using Facebook Live in this fashion is an easy way to build confidence in new clients. You are allowing them to get to know your level of knowledge. To see if they will like your personality. These people looking for a new hairdresser, and can also come to trust your abilities.

Highlight a common hair emergency

As many hairstylists, I am sure you have seen many goofs people have done to their hair. Whether it is letting their cousin who is thinking of going to a school of Hair design or they tried to do their own hair. You have seen it all. Why not use the experiences. You can then stress that hair disasters can be avoided. Also, you can prove your level of hair care knowledge.

You could do this with Facebook live. This shows you again know what you are doing when it comes to a person’s hair. Just make sure you get the permission of the person who messed their hair up.

The Hair Stylist Q & A

As a hairstylist, you get questions almost as often as a lawyer at a Christmas party. So why not use those questions as content. You could field questions in the comments section. Your Salon is able to help answer common and sometimes uncommon hair care questions. This again helps build a good repore with new customers as well as returning customers.  When you end your Live stream. That stream is turned into a video that can be viewed by potential clients.

Facebook Live’s stream has the benefit of getting placed at the top of everyone’s Facebook feeds. If a person is following you. They will see it. Your Live stream will also be added to a person’s notifications. So, they will know that they missed a great show about hair. You can also then save the video and repost it to Youtube.

Highlight a customer

Customers love shout outs. You can use your Facebook page to highlight that time you nailed a clients hairstyle. You have the chance to show it off. This is a great opportunity to showcase client at the moment and turn that moment into a live feed testimony. More often than not your happy client will then share that post to their Facebook friends. This will increase the chances of your new posts showing up in your customers feed. Also, your post will also increase in reach.

Find out more about your client.

You can find out lots of information about your clients. You can find out that your hair salon attracts women at are the age of 35 – 60 who are married and also like comic books. All from the information facebook has gathered about your customer. You are able to see most of this information from the Ads Manager. You are able to also use a Facebook Pixel to help gather even more information

The Biggest Benefit

The biggest benefit for using Facebook Pages for your Hair salon is the building of a community. With a community who is gathered around you. They will celebrate you wins and your losses. This tribe of yours is your number one secret weapon is, word of mouth advertising. Your tribe is  more likely to recommend you to people who are looking for a new hair stylist. Your clients are your cheerleaders. Give them great information. Shine the spotlight on them. It is your site about your customer and they will do everything they can for you. Give them a chance and present a central gathering place. You will be surprised how much return you will get with a little work.

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