Facebook is trying to help out as many people as they can. Yes, this is so that you will want to stay on their platform as long as possible. Yet, they are trying to convince you to do so by some pretty interesting means. For Non-profits Facebook is working on a solution so that you can help raise money for your cause. Raising money is the biggest task for non-profit organizations, this is because they are in the business to help people. Begging for money is often the last thing people want to do whether it is because it is not in their nature or because it draws them away from the task at hand. Nobody likes to beg. Facebook is helping with that problem with the new Fundraisers service and the Donate button.

New Fundraisers

Fundraisers is a section of Facebook solely dedicated to help raise funds for a nonprofit. There will be a place for in Fundraiser for the Organization to explain what their goal is. Help share what the benefits are from helping this particular organization.  The non-profit can rally supporters, and also track the progress of donations in a visible progress bar. So if they have a goal that they want to reach by the end of the year then this progress bar can help show supporters that the non-profit is almost there or really need to pick up the push. The Nonprofit is able to have Themed campaigns or special Projects so a goal for building a school in Ghana would benefit from this.

Donate button for pages and posts

Facebook is also helping do fundraisers by providing new donate buttons. Now before the button would take a person off of Facebook to the fundraising page whether it is a Gofundme type of site or a custom site on the organizations page. Now a patron can donate without leaving Facebook. The button is able to be applied on the page and also now can be applied to posts. A good use would be if told the story of how the Non-profit was able to make a difference and at on that post there could be a donate button, and this would show up in people’s newsfeeds.

Facebook is showing that they are working hard on helping their users out and build tools so it is easy for people stay on Facebook now the ability is working for people who are trying to do the sometimes daunting task of raising funds.

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Facebook Helps with Fundraisers
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