FacebookJobsTWIf you look at your Facebook page this week at the bottom you may have seen a new option. This little option is causing a bit of a stir in the social media world. Some folks this is a shot across the bow of LinkedIn. Facebook is now jumping into the hiring industry.

You can now post share and advertise your latest job opening.  Why not go to the largest gathering of people online? Facebook jobs, Is the newest feature for businesses to find prospects for an open position. The setup is easy and Facebook does most of the heavy lifting for you and the potential employee.

The Pros

This opens up the number of eyes that are able to see your job opportunities. The more eyes you have the quicker you can get your position filled. The ease of posting a new position is incredible. Building the new position is a matter of crafting a good introduction and using a compelling image and the hard work is about 75% done. You can the boost advertise your position to people who possibly

It is easy for your applicants to apply for the position. So people are more likely to apply. You might just be able to get the one applicant that you would never have thought you could snag.

The Cons

The biggest drawback is also the ease of applicants applying for a position. So if you have a highly sought after position that has opened up it is possible that your Facebook messenger may become overly busy.

Then there is the reviewing of the applicants. You will also have to copy and paste each applicant into a document. That is not the most convenient way of handling an applicant.It would be better if the applicants could be in a downloadable form like a document or even better as an XML.

The Process

As mentioned earlier the process is easy. All you have to do is fill out the following fields

  1. Introduction – Describe what the applicant is going to be applying for.
  2. Photo – You can use your Cover photo or you can use an image just for the post, which is recommended
  3. Job Title – What is the official title for the position?
  4. Location of position – This way they can decide if they are going to have to relocate or commute.
  5. Salary – This is very important. You can set the pay up to be Hourly, daily weekly monthly or what the person can expect to make each year
  6. The type of employment will they be getting int? is it Full time, part time, Internship, Volunteer, or is it Contractual
  7. Added Details – Then if you have any special detail that you want to talk about like having to feed the alligators by hand. This last section would be a good place to enter it.

Once you click Publish job posts. Facebook will review the job post. This is recon is so that you don’t have pimps asking for new ladies of the night to join his crew. This is the only speculation but at the same time, it wouldn’t surprise me. More than likely someone has actually tried to recruit some new illicit drug distributors. Once Facebook approved the post, which normally doesn’t take that long, your post will be public.

After it is published the applicant will be able to explain why he is a good candidate for your business and Facebook automatically attaches the person’s work experience from his profile information. The applicant is also able to add jobs that are not a part of their employment history. If there is a job they don’t find to be relevant to the application, then they can remove that job. Then there is the education section with the same features.of adding and removing relevant information.

Once they click the Send Button your business will receive a Facebook message with all the pertaining information. You are then able to copy and paste to a document.

Though Facebook Jobs is a little on the unorganized side I see why they are implementing the messenger service. The use of bots has already been talked about and is important to the future plans of Facebook. So get your messengers set up. Then post a job and see what you might find.

For people who are looking for a job you can also look at Facebook Jobs

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