Facebook just blew open the doors when it released the Facebook Live hounds. Besides the Facebook Live API. There are other cool things you can do with your Facebook live stream while you are live. Wow, that is a lot of Live!

ThumbsupAnyhow, The big thing I have found out while playing with Facebook Live is that you can Share your live stream everywhere. Yeah literally everywhere. From your Facebook page, you can share your stream to your Timeline so your friends can see that you are live. They do not have to like your Facebook page to see the post.

You can also share your Facebook Live to groups. But be careful so that you are not spamming. Make sure you state how this stream will help the members of the group.

Then you can also embed your Facebook Live to your WordPress website! and if that is the case you should be able to post to any site that allows you to post embeddable media. When you are finished with your Live stream the embed you posted will instantly become a video to be rewatched. So yeah might need an extra hand or two. So that you can get all the shares done.

Now how to do this is not hard just use the same information on how to embed Facebook videos. The only problem I see is that you have to grab the new embed for each new post. SO if you want to spread the news that you are live. There is a way, and you can help share with your potential followers your knowledge, and increase your reach and potential engagement.

Do you have other ways to get your posts shared as you go live? Let me know in the comments below. I could use it in a future post.

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I am here!

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Facebook Live can be Live posted,while it is Live!