Several months ago Facebook released Live streaming of Mentions. This is a live streaming feature that allows for people who were verified to be thought leaders. This was a start in creating a buzz of influencers who are able to talk about their specific topic. The issue that arose from this was that many people who like to live stream were not able to use this feature because most people are not verified. So only celebrities had access to Facebook Live, that is till now.

Facebook is slowly opening the live streaming floodgates so that everyone is able to share the fun excitement and current events they are involved with.  As all things Facebook it is not an instant open they are slowly rolling the feature out so that they are able to quickly fix problems people may have, or adjust server loads to that the streaming will be a smooth as possible.

How can you tell when you have Facebook live?


When Facebook Live is available on your phone, you will see this icon
(From Facebook)

The Live option will show up in your status update. It will be with the Add a Link, Check In, Tag a Friend, and Action options at the bottom. When you click on this option you will be able to give a description of what the stream is going to be about and what it covers. You will also be able to set who will be able to see your Facebook Live stream. You will be able to choose public all the way down to only certain friends. Now I am not sure if this will also work for your Pages so that will be a short post later when Facebook allows me to be able to play with the Live streaming feature, this is one question I would really like to have answeme But this new feature is in my thought a nice addition it is being released so that it can compete directly with Periscope, and Meerkat. Blab is such a different platform all together that will provide a new angle for businesses to share with their customers.

Update: The Facebook live feature will be available for pages. Read more here

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Facebook Live! Coming to a phone near you.
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