As the early 60’s song by Neil Sedaka claims “Breaking up is Hard to do” and Facebook realizes that. So, Facebook has grouped a set of their tools into place so that when you change your relationship status you can make it a little easier to get on with your life. That way you are not pining away for that girl that you dated for a couple of months and just knew that she was the one. That is till she saw Gene and decided that she liked him more. And now you are having to tell the world that you are now single again, for the fifth time in as many months.

So how is Facebook going to help you get over your next true love?

The next time you change your relationship status on Facebook to Single you will get a new set of tools to help make the transition a little easier. These are tools that have been in place for a while. Facebook just found a new way to group them so that they can be used better. But these “Break up Tools” are excellent for both sides of the splitting party.

See less of your Ex

First tool you see is See less of your ex. This tool puts your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend off of the follow list and keeps their posts from showing up in your timeline. Yes guys I know she said you can still be friends and that is all feel good and sunshine but yu will have a harder time getting over your aunts Bridge partners daughter. When you see her posting all of the time. This will not unfriend her. You just have to purposefully go to your ex’s profile to read up on them. This is also known as cyber stalking and doesn’t help your argument that you were smothering her. Yet, if you feel you must…

Limit what your ex can see

After you have limited your ex’s posts from showing up on your timeline, you will then be offered the ability to limit what your ex can see. This will keep your aunts bridge partners son from seeing that you are at the mall with Gene. Since the pathetic thing seems to bring his mother with him whenever he goes out. This will create a type of block list and unless you post to the public your sorry ex will not be able to see any of your posts.

Currently the breakup tools are only available in the United States, but if the popularity of them comes up then there is a very likely chance that they will be added to the rest of the world. Then everybody will just learn to get on with their lives.

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Facebook makes Breaking up Easier
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