Facebook is about to through business pages a bone. We are about to get something that many internet marketeers have wanted. Which if it is something the marketeers want that makes me a bit nervous. Though the community / Relationship manager in me is jumping up and down and doing the happy dance on the recent news coming from Facebook.


It looks like Facebook pages may, sometime in the future, be able to start linking to Facebook groups. Yay! to a point. This can go both ways. It can be used in a way that will grow your community and ii can also be used to destroy a group.

Most of us know that one group that is nothing but a bunch of spammers running around posting ads for their stuff. They do that over and over again and eventually, there is no interaction and the group just sort of dies. I have one of those groups, and it doesn’t grow there is no community about it. That group really needs to either change or I need to just close it. either way. Spam in your Facebook group doesn’t work.

So you can see the big problem with letting Facebook Pages into the mix. Or, will you? This is actually a question I can’t fully answer. I believe the Groups Mods and admins will have the ability, as they do now, to punt any rule breakers off their group.

Building your community through your Facebook page can help your brand out in ways that you may never have thought of. The ability to help your fans, customers, and potential clients to come to you and get answers straight from the horse’s mouth is almost worth the fact that people are able to talk directly to you and build a real relationship with you and your company.

Facebook Groups and Pages Perks

No matter how you slice it, Facebook wins. If they do go ahead and open the gates for people to use their Facebook page in Facebook Groups. Facebook can gather more information about how people interact with brands.

Facebook will be able to better details of what brands interact better with their customers. This could mean that Facebook will allow you more access to your relevant followers. Then again it could mean the opposite and you get less interaction with your customers. Don’t see that but it is a possibility.

Even if they do, the big win is that you can actually have your brand interact with your customers. Those customers who come to your page and visit your companies group would have the unique opportunity to have hands-on support with the organization.

This also means that people can and will be able to come to your group and voice their complaints. I would recommend that you let them. This way you can come to understand how your customers are using your products or services.  You can also show other people and customers that you actually care about them and you are wanting to serve them.


Increased spam is the biggest problem you could face. If Pages are able to post to other groups then you will have the spammers coming out in droves. Though as I mentioned I am sure there will be settings that will allow the admins to limit whether or not a Page is able to post to a group. If not, then it will come along shortly after, because the internet marketeers will kill a good thing.

The other drawback is that if Pages abuse the privilege then Facebook may not release it and groups will not be open to the problem.

Facebook groups are incredible channels for building a thriving relationship and community with your customers. If Facebook allows for pages to join groups that are good for your small business. Make rules for your group. That is the best way to make sure everyone enjoys their time communing with you and your fellow fans.


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