Every few weeks Facebook is updating something on its site. Whether it is just fixing bugs or it is adding features, Facebook is busy. Here recently there was an addition to the Facebook app that is worth a look into. This change is to help wrangle some of the Facebook newsfeed control back into your hands and help you to enjoy Facebook more.

I have for the long time realized that I have some friends that I seem to miss all of their posts. I even had a problem of missing a relative who passed suddenly. If it wasn’t for a family member calling I would have missed it all together. Facebook is now handing some of the controls over to you.

Preferences ScreenshotWhere is it located?

1) Click the More option in the bottom right corner

2) Then Click on “News Feed Preferences”


The Different Options

Prioritize who to see first

This is the first set of Options you will receive. In here you can choose up to 30 people you ALWAYS want to hear from. This can be your Aunt Edna or your favorite page. If you are wondering what page you should have in your Prioritized list may I suggest The Goodwin Social Media Facebook page. This helps to make sure you never miss another important post from this person. So I would say use with some caution. If your Aunt Edna likes to post stuff that you don’t care about then be warned that you will probably see a flood of stuff that you really couldn’t care less about.

Unfollow people to hide their posts

We all have that one friend that uses Facebook as their Arcade. They don’t share any aspects of their life they just play games and so every day you see 20 posts about please help me on my farm, or I need some more life so I can crush this last piece of candy. You Love this lifelong friend but he just really provide you with ay value that you can think of. You don’t want to unfriend him because though he doesn’t provide any good content on Facebook in real life he is best thing since slice bread. You don’t want to hurt his feelings, so what do you do but tolerate his posts as they come rushing in.

Well, not anymore, you can actually unfollow a person, which is different from unfriending. So you are still friends and you can see all of their pictures and life events they do actually post, yet you don’t have to see all the game requests, by choosing to unfollow them. This particular feature is what you were looking for, and didn’t realize it. If you have a newsfeed that is unwieldy and you miss all of the good posts. Unfollowing the majority of your friends is just the answer you are looking for. I do recommend you unfollow those people who you like but just don’t have any interest in what they are posting. This helps you enjoy Facebook many, many times over. Because you don’t have the flood of Game requests and notices. You can pick and choose to see and hear from just those people you want to hear from and deeply care for. While still having all of your friends available for you to drop in and see what they are up to. So Unfollow and see the wonder that a cleaned up Newsfeed can provide.

Reconnect with people you unfollowed

This also happens after getting everyone cleared out that you don’t care to hear from, someone will start posting quality content. And so you want to follow them again. Here is your ability. Facebook make it easy for you to add people that you unfollowed back in to the fold. So you can see all the great pictures of the trip in Europe and the funny comments they are now making. When you look at this option you will see everyone you have unfollowed and this will give you the ability to refollow those good folks that have given up on the latest Bubble Witch saga game.

Discover new pages

this last option is if you would like to find some other good content to follow, they offer you the ability to add some pages that normally provide so good content. Then again I saw some pretty useless politicians listed in mine so I think they may want to give this aspect some more work.

So what are they take-a-way’s?

The biggest take away is you can control your Facebook News feed. You just have to go through and make some at times tough choices but after making those difficult choices you will be surprised at how much more value you will be able to receive from your Facebook news feed.

What part was the toughest for you? The unfollowing or was it choosing who to prioritize? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Control Your Facebook Newsfeed
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