Ok, I know I should make evergreen content but this is worth talking about.

Facebook has released two very cool features today. One, I knew was coming and the other  surprise was just out of left field.

Facebook Reactions is out!

First the one everyone was waiting for. Facebook Reactions is the option for you to emote with your friends and not look like a jerk when you like that their cocker spaniel dies. You can now give the sad reaction. Or if your friend posts a funny video from Halloween you can respond with the Ha-ha emotion. And even if the political equivalent of the devil is talked about you can do the angry emotion.

To access these new forms of Likes are easy though a little tricky if you are not looking for them. You Long press on the like button and you will have a pop up with the new emotional reactions.

Minimized video

Now the other feature that was released and is completely out of left field. You now are able to keep viewing a video while you are browsing your news feed. When you are viewing a video you can now click in the upper right hand of the video. The icon will look like this.minimize facebook video so you can read news fewed

The video with then shrink to the lower right-hand side of your screen and you can then continue to peruse the news feed and keep up to date on the happenings of your friends and family. All while seeing your nephew try to open the refrigerator from the wrong side. If the video is in the way you can slide it over to the left-hand corner. When you are done just slide the video back to the middle of the screen you will see an X with a circle around it and you will then stop the embarrassment that is her side of the family.*

So Go like, love, laugh it up or even show some anger to some posts and find out what this “Damn Daniel” thing is about.



No nephews nor family members were harmed in the making of the post. I do have some nephews they are on my side of the family and they are pretty rockin’. I also really dig the wife’s side of the family, and I am not just saying that. Really they are pretty cool folks.

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Facebook Reactions and More are released today
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