I am sure you have noticed here recently Facebook is pushing videos. Facebook Videos are taking up most of your Newsfeed. You are noticing the increased clicking of likes and sharing more and more videos as stream across your vision. It is becoming very evident that Facebook is making a play for Video advertising dollars. To do so Facebook needs you to start uploading your videos to their servers instead of just to YouTube. Recently Facebook added a little more functionality as a means to entice you to post more of those high value videos to your Facebook fan page.

One of the most alluring features of YouTube and even more so Vemeo are the different restrictions you can apply to your videos. You can set it so that the video can only be viewed on YouTube or on a particular website. These and other restrictions were not available on Facebook. If a person wanted to embed your video ne their website. They had no problem. You really didn’t have that much control. Well with thin the last month Facebook has relieved that little problem. The ability to set different restrictions have been implemented for your control.

Secret videos

You can now have videos that are able to reside on your Facebook account and can only be viewed if you have the proper URL. This is a nice way of keeping a video secret and share with only certain people, or if you want your fans to see it but it not show up in a Facebook search.

Prevent embedding

Now if you have a video with 3 million views, you don’t have to worry about your competitor leaching off of your awesome content. All your competitor can do is link to your Facebook page if you so choose. So more worries from 3rd party embeds.

Gender targeting

This one is a little odd in my thoughts. You can set it so that you are targeting your videos to a particular gender. Why? Well I guess if you are talking about Dude stuff then you might not see the point of having gals view your video. Or you are talking women issues and it’s not really any topic that really would interest a guy. I not going to pretend to fully understand but they have offered that option when uploading your video.

Video Library tool

Facebook is also adding the ability to edit all of your videos in the Video Library tool you can now organize your large collection of videos you will have uploaded. This tool allows for you to edit the Meta data of the videos even if they have already been up on the servers. This is makes it a bit easier when you are needing to change titles or tags for a video. Or even the want to change the distribution options and make half of the videos either private or block third party embeds.

Now Any YouTuber will tell you that this the bare minimum that could be done to entice people to post their videos on Facebook servers. And I would have to agree there are a lot more options that needed to be added before YouTubers will start converting to Facebookers or whatever name they come up with to describe who they are. But the evidence is very clear. No matter how you cut it Facebook wants videos and they are going to find a way to get them.

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I am here!

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Facebook Wants that Video