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Facebook loves video. No, I mean Facebook LOOOOOOOves video. That is because Facebook knows that you enjoy watching dogs failing at being dogs, or cats being, well… cats. One of the big ways many small business owners are getting around Facebook’s algorithm is by using video. They know that Facebook likes to serve video more then they will serve pictures or just plain boring texts.

The big problem many people have with videos is getting people to actually receive the information that is being shared in that video. The issue is Facebook knows that it is annoying to have a video auto-play. Especially, with the volume turned up. Therefore Facebook’s videos auto play with the volume muted. This is a big problem when you are trying to market to a potential customer. How are you suppose to get the viewers attention without sound?

The way to do this is by adding Close Captioning. For the longest time if you wanted to add closed Captioning to your video you had to spend a lot of time working with a text file where you transcribed every word and utterance. and place the corresponding time stamp at the beginning of each line. This time stamp was down to the fraction of a second. So, if you are working with a 5-minute video. You could be spending an hour extra just creating the Closed captioning file called an SRT file.

Often this was more work than most people would be willing to do unless they had a VA whose sole job was to write SRT files. Not many people were doing it. That is till now. Facebook has finally given the majority of people the ability to have auto-generated closed captioning files.

Why do you want Closed Captioning on your video?

Believe it or not. You want closed captioning on your videos for two reasons. First reason is for those who are deaf. You want to be as accessible as you can to everyone. You may not want to think of how many dollars are being left on the table because you didn’t think of those who are hard of hearing.

The second reason is that the text on videos actually helps grab people’s attention and since the audio is muted this is the best way to let your potential customers know what the video is about. They are likely not going to read the description you labored over.Nor are they going to really focus on the Split-tested title, but if you have text popping on the screen as your announcer is talking you will get their attention. You also have a better chance of retaining the viewer’s attention for the full length of the video. So having Closed Captioning on your video is a pretty easy choice.

How to add the auto-generated Closed Captioning.

Surprisingly easy though it is not an automatically added element to your video. you have to jump through a couple of hoops to get your SRT file made.

Step 1

Upload your video or if you already have a video you would like closed captioned you can use it. The Video can also be either from your mobile device like a phone or from your desktop. Doesn’t matter just need a video uploaded to Facebook’s servers.

Step 2

Go to your Facebook Page click on Publishing Tools across the top.

Step 3

On the left-hand column, you will see the Section called Videos click on the sub-menu Video Library.

Step 4

You will see the video that you have uploaded when you mouse over that video you will see the edit symbol show up over on the far right-hand end of that column

Click on the Edit video symbol. It only Appears when you mouse over the video.

Step 5

In the Pup up you will see three tabs across the top.

  1. Basic is where you enter your Video Title and tag your video so that it can be found better.
  2. Captions this is the tab we actually want. This centers around all the closed captioning you will want to do. So click this tab
  3. Advanced is where there are at times other options.
You want the Captions

Step 6

In here you will see a button labeled generate. This will generate your captioning.

Press the magic Generate button and you are half way done!

Step 7

Now you are not done yet. This isn’t Ronco you don’t set it and forget it. After you set it you have to needle it. You will have to listen and make small changes for a little while so that you get the proper translation down in the correct spots.

This is because people speak funny. Some folks say Nuclear while others properly pronounce it Nuke-u-lar. There are different dialects and accents that are to be taken into effect. While machine learning is getting this down it is still far from perfect.

So, what you have to do now is watch the video and make sure that the words appear when they are supposed too. Also, look and see if the words are actually what is said. So instead of spending an hour creating an SRT file you will spend about 15 minutes editing a file.

Step 8

When you have made all of the edits you can make to the captioning and you are happy with how it is appearing click save to video.

Dont Panic – You will probably get an error at the bottom the first time you save saying

Profile Is Not Eligible: Only verified Facebook profile is eligible to publish branded content.

and looks like this

If you get this warning don’t panic. your work is stilled saved.

I believe this is you have to have a certain type of account to promote affiliate programs and the such. So if you get money for mentioning something or you are using branded content you may have other problems. Yet, either way, it doesn’t matter. your captioning work is still saved and if you have to go back to edit it you won’t see the message again.

Let me say here at the end you are welcome for me adding a little more work to your social media wood pile. Though this extra bit of work will help your video productions in ways nothing else has. This will help your customers know what your videos are about.

Now when making your videos you want to state what you will be talking about in the first three seconds. Can you talk that fast?

Do you use the caption feature for Facebook? Are you getting any more views? Share your story below in the comments.





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How to Use Facebooks Auto-Captioning Feature
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