Facebook is one of those tools that is, in all pretense and purposes, a veritable swiss army knife of options. Mark Zuckerberg and his team of coders are always making changes. In fact, I do believe it was Facebook Motto  at one time to “Move Fast and Break Things”.




While Facebook is moving around and creating so much stuff they often will release something without much fanfare and let the users find it as a little surprise. Facebook coders did just that with its CRM. Well CRM is a slight stretch, but it does add an element to your customer relations. You can use these to learn about your customer. You can add notes and unique discoveries about your customer to help build the relationship and strengthen customer bonds.

Bet ya didn’t know about it did ya? I am finding not very many people do. I also find many who are not all that enthused about it either. This is about the same as anybody else so there is no overwhelming decision over one side or another.

When it comes to an actual CRM solution it isn’t going to be the best but it will give you the opportunity of writing some notes and add a label or two , and that in reality is it. But it does give you the opportunity to have some grounds for discussion. you are able to have some insight as to what field your contact is employed in. You can also see if they are in a city that is close to you. So you are able to find out more information about your Facebook audience.

Types of Information On Pages

The types of information you can glean from the Facebook Pages App (iTunes / Google Play). Most of it is expected.Yet there are a few interesting items that were not.

To get to the CRM in your Facebook Pages app click the Likes bar. Here you will see a list of people I the order of them liking the page. The newest will be at the top while the older fans will be at the bottom. Click the person you want to enter information on and you will be presented with the modest Facebook CRM.

Name: Ok this one is obvious but it will at least give you a chance to do a little proactive cyber stalking and maybe you can find them also on Instagram.

Option to view profile there is also a link to look at the person’s profile if you like.

Liked since: When talking to a customer you can find out how long they have been a fan of your page by seeing when they liked your page.

Current city: Does the new like live near you or do they live in London? This can be a topic for conversations.

Local time: if you are going to try to have a phone call with a person who likes your age you are able to check to see what timezone they are currently living in.

Employment: Maybe your new like is working for someone who could be in your target audience. You can then use this information to build a deeper relationship with that customer.

Labels can also be looked at as tags. you can put descriptive tags so that you can find all people who are broncos fans or went to UT. You can also see who is married or the like with a quick reference.

Notes are where you can leave any other notes you would like to use when you are doing a follow-up. Wifes name how many kids the such. can all be entered in the notes section.


You can Ban a person

At the very bottom is the nuclear option if you have  a troll who just will not stop and is just driving all of your community away you can Ban them from your page.

Though this CRM is not very robust it can be useful for those times you are away from your computer and need a quick place to jot down a note or two about a person  who is following you. Now I do see many of the faults with this service. the big one is that your potential customer has to be on Facebook and they have to of liked your page. Not everybody is going to do that. You might be able to talk them into clicking like later but at the start, you are in the evaluation stage. So it is time for you to wow that potential customer and show them that you are going above and beyond the competition.

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