Since we are still talking about what is under the Hamburger Menu of your Facebook mobile app. I thought it would be a good thing to keep exploring and cover the settings menu all by itself.

The reason for this is because of all the different options that are available to you. Often these options can be important or can help to make your Facebook experience easier or more secure or even more enjoyable. The different options that you can have are all right here under those three little lines in the lower right-hand corner. Or if you are an Android user it is in the upper right hand.

Where are the settings?

It is at the bottom of the menu. There are 3 different sections Settings, Privacy Shortcuts, and Help and Support


We will start in the settings section. first, let me give a heads up these are the options that I have on my app. Facebook likes to segment people out and so there are times that people have some things I don’t talk about while others don’t have options that are mentioned. So if you see something that piques your interest and want to know a little more about it then please comment and if you would show a screenshot of what you are talking about that would help out greatly. I do want to encourage you to explore your apps. There are often cool features that you didn’t know were available unless you go looking for them.


When you click on the settings option you get even more options listed. You could possibly see Account Settings, Payment Settings, News Feed Preferences, and Activity Log. Each of these subcategories will have their own set of options. So let’s start with the first option.

Account Settings


  • Name – This is the place you are able to change your name if there is a misspelling or you were trying to be cute and give yourself a funny name. You are able to go into this option and change your name you are also able to place any titles you may have.
    • Other Names – In the other names section you are able to add your nickname, maiden name Married name, Names with a title, and other variations like a former name.
    • Change Name – Here is where you change the spelling of your First Middle or Last name. Understand though, if you do change your name you cannot change it for 60 days.
  • Email – This is where you can add or remove email addresses that are associated with you. You do have to have at least one email that can be used as your primary email address so you can’t remove all addresses. You are able to add new email addresses if you like.
  • Phone – We are on our phones all day long. But some of these settings on the phone are for those who have veered away from the smartphone. This where you will do the settings for text message notifications and more.
    • Current Phone Numbers – If you need to add a phone or confirm a new phone number you just received.
    • Text Messaging – If you want to receive text messages of your Facebook notifications then this is the place to put the phone number you want to receive your notifications.
    • Mobile Pin – If you do text updates through your phone. This is where instead of logging into the Facebook app, you just send a text message to a special number. Normally this number would be FBOOK. This is so your friends aren’t able to do pranks on your account. What you would do is add this mobile pin to the prefix of your status update and this would let Facebook now that it really was you.
      So you can set a pin and turn the pin option on and off.
    • Notifications – If you receive Text notifications this is where you are able to make changes to your account. You can turn on or off your Text Notifications. Decide if you want to keep getting notifications when you are logged into Facebook.
    • Daily Text Limit – If you get a lot of notifications in a day you can then limit how many of these text messages come through in a day.
  • Upload Contacts – You can have any and all contacts uploaded automatically to Facebook so that you are able to easily find the profiles of your new contacts.
  • Networks – This is if you are on any Facebook networks. The chances of you being in a network are very very slim. So you won’t really need anything in there. If you look at it you will see that it is blank. If you have anything in here you are a part of a network and this will be where you are able to make changes to those network settings.
  • Manage Account – What happens when you die? Who will you allow to have access to your profile? This section you are able to set up your Legacy account. There is not much a person can do when they are granted a legacy account it would actually be better to just will your username and password to the executor of the estate and have them care for your account if you want my two cents.

Security and Login

  • Choose friends to contact if you get locked out – This where you choose who Facebook should trust if you ev3en have the miss fortune of getting locked out of your account. Whether hackers have changed your password or you just can’t remember the new password. This handy feature is needed and will save you lots of frustration. just choose people that you truly trust and are on Facebook regularly
  • Where you’re logged in – Are you thinking that you have been hacked? You can look through the places that you are logged in and see if there are any odd systems that you are logged in to. Now if you see a city you haven’t been too in a while, don’t freak out too badly. If you are on your desktop or laptop this goes off of the IP address. So you may see a town located on the far side of your state. What you want to check is basically the state and country. A big give away is if you have an iPhone and there are a bunch of Androids. If you are fairly sure and you want everything to have to log back in you can close all sessions with this option.
  • Login Settings – Here you can change your password and if you are using Login with your profile picture you are able to manage that from this section too.
  • Setting up Extra Security – These are for those who like to have a little more security in their Facebook experience
    • Get Alerts for Unrecognized Logins – I would recommend if you just logged everyone off of your account. This section allows for you to get an alert on your notification and email if someone that is not recognized logs into your account.
    • Use Two Factor Authentication – This feature makes it a lot tougher for a hacker to get into your Facebook account. When they log in they have to actually physically have your phone in their hands. That is because Facebook will send a special code to your phone to verify you are who you say you are.
    • Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out. – This is more of the first option because if you add the people to the top this option disappears. So you venture down to this section to edit and update your trusted friends.
  • Advanced – Did you receive an email from Facebook that may be a phishing scam? You can actually see what emails Facebook has sent to your email address. There are 2 sections here. Security and other emails.
  • Get Help – Needing a little more understanding of the security options? This bottom section is designed just for you. Read and learn more about Facebook than you ever thought possible.


In this section, you can look at several different settings and work through to help you with your privacy.

  • Check a few important settings – This option will launch the Privacy Checkup. This is a short little 3 step walkthrough that helps you determine and set your privacy levels to an adequate level for you.
    You are able to set how broad of an audience is for your posts. If you want public or just friends. You are also able to set who can see your phone number and email address(es) Birthday, and birth year. You can choose who can see what your hometown is. Who you are married to, who you are interested in. you address and much more.
    In the last step, you can set the apps that you want to have access to your friends. You are also able to go through and remove any old apps you don’t use any more like Farmville or Candy Crush.
  • Manage your profile – Under this section, you can add or remove Places you have worked. Schools you have attended. You are also able to add any and all professional skills you have in your tool belt.
  • Learn more about Privacy basics – This is a privacy tutorial that is helpful to anyone who is not sure as to what they are doing.
  • Your Activity
    • Who can see your Future posts – This shows you how you can change the privacy of your posts so that all post from here on out will be presented. If you use public then from here on out your posts will be public. If you tighten it down to yourself only then only you will see any of your posts till you change it back.
    • Limit who can see your past posts – If you have some questionable posts in the past that you may be embarrassed about you can limit your past posts. Now, this is a semi-permanent move. If you change your mind after setting this you have to change the setting for each and every post you want to show to a wider audience. So use carefully.
    • Who can see the people, Pages, and lists you follow – This option is pretty self-explanatory.
  • How people find and contact you
    • Who can send you friend requests – allows you to set who can send you friend requests. Don’t overdo it you Facebook will become a very lonely place.
    • Who can see your friends list – If for some reason you don’t want other people to know who you are friends with you can change this setting.
    • Who can look you up using the email address you provided – you can change this so that the corporate sleazeball can’t find you if you have your company email listed on your profile.
    • Who can look you up using the phone number you provided – Again if you have a person you don’t want to find you. You can limit who can find you’re using this option.
    • Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile? – You can actually remove yourself from search engines if you so choose.

Timeline and Tagging

When it comes to your timeline a tagging this is the central center you want to look at. You can regulate who can post to your timeline and who can tag your likeness if they upload a picture of you.

It is good to look and set the review options for sure because we all have that one friend who doesn’t know what is proper.

  • Timeline
    • Who can post to your timeline?
    • Who can see what others have posted on your timeline
  • Tagging
    • Who can see posts you’re tagged in on your timeline
    • When you are tagged in a post, who do you want to add to the audience of the post if they can’t already see it?
    • Who see tad suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?
  • Review
    • Review tags people add to your posts before they appear on Facebook
    • Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your timeline


Here you are able to set all the different location sharing information that is available on Facebook.

  • Nearby Friends – This tells you if a friend is nearby. This can be a fun and good way to meet up.
  • Place Tips – Want to find out what other people think of a store or restaurant?
  • Find Wi-Fi – Looking for open Wi-Fi? This is where the settings can be found to turn this on or off.
  • Location History – If you feel weird that Facebook now where you have been in eight past and want them to stop? Then you can turn it off. But I would like to urge it because you get some pretty good recommendations when this feature is on.
  • Location settings – This is the settings for your device. This is a link to your phone’s settings.

Videos and Photos

This is the settings for all your videos and photos

  • Upload HD – Do you want your videos uploaded in HD format? Then have this on if you don’t then you can turn it off. You will not run out of space on Facebook so why not leave it on?
  • Autoplay – When you come across a video do you want it to autoplay? You can set it so that it will only autoplay if you are on a Wi-Fi connection. That way you are saving your data plan for the important things.
  • Upload HD – Do you want your pictures to be uploaded in full HD glory? Then make sure this is turned on.


There is only one option in this section and this is where you can turn off the in-app sounds.


You are able to clear your cookies that are stored through visiting other sites through the Facebook app.

Chat Settings

Here you are able to set the chat option to on or off.


This is a list of all the people you have blocked. You can add people to the block list or take them off the naughty list and see if they behave


This is where you can set translation languages

  • What language do you want stories to be translated to?
  • Which languages do you understand?
  • What languages do you want automatically translated?


This is where you get to set how you are notified of different updates on Facebook.

  • Facebook – Just a notice that you can change the settings on your Facebook app by selecting the individual post.
  • Email – You are able to choose from of three options. All Notifications, Important notifications, or Only Notifications about your account
  • Mobile
    • Sound for push notifications
    • Notifications you have turned off
    • Other recent notifications you want to turn off.
  • Text Message – These are the same as the text message options under the phone settings.
  • Close Friends activity – Get notified of close friend’s activity. If not then uncheck this option.
  • Birthdays – Get notified of Birthdays
  • On this Day – You can set whether you get all Memories sent to your notification bar, Highlights or No On this Day notifications posted.
  • Public Post notifications – If you want to be notified of people who are following you and share your posts.
  • Group posts – You can set the option for each group you are a part of and decide if you want to be notified of any highlights or all updates.
  • Notifications from apps– You can turn off any or all of the notifications from the different apps you use.
  • Fundraisers – This is where you can manage the fundraiser you are a part of.

Text Messaging

Again this is a repeat of the same section from the phone options.

Public Posts

  • Who Can Follow Me? – Who can follow you? This is where you are able to change the settings. If for some odd reason you want to constrict who is able to follow you. This is the section you do it in. But I really don’t see a reason to not allow people to follow you.
  • Who can see your followers – If you don’t want people to see who is following you. You are able to change the setting here.
  • Public posts comments – If you don’t want people who are not your friends to be able to comment you can turn this off here. But remember your limiting what people can say if a friend shares the post.
  • Public profile info – You are able to limit who can like your public information.
  • Comment ranking – Show only relevant comments at a glance or do you want the newest posts to be visible


  • Logged in with Facebook – This is a list of all the different apps you have granted access to your profile and who can see the posts they may make.
  • Platform – This is what allows you to log into other websites using your Facebook account. You can turn it off but I really would advise against it. Because some sites like Spotify your Facebook login is the only login you have. If you try to manually sign in you can’t.
    You are also able to accept game invites and this you may want to change.
  • Apps others use – This gives you the ability to regulate what Facebook shares with other applications your friends are using. There are several options in her ranging from family to your birthday and bio. So please look through this and if there is something you feel off about sharing you can uncheck it. But don’t get carried away
  • Old Version of Facebook for Mobile – If you are using an old Facebook mobile app on say a Blackberry can set the controls for what it shares here.


Have you ever wanted to customize your ad experience? Have you ever wanted to control your ad experience? You can do just that in this section of your Facebook settings

Go through the Review walkthrough that Facebook provides. This helps put some of the power back into your hands. But don’t get too carried away if you limit Facebooks access to how it shared information. That will affect how your Facebook experience.


Then I would actually go through the Pages walkthrough. This checkup will help you mass, unlike any pages that are irrelevant to you now. These are normally older pages that you liked so you won’t see all pages.

But the important section is at the bottom of this section. You are able to explore what Facebook thinks are your interests. This is good to look through and review from time to time.

If you find an interest you don’t really like you can remove it. You are also able to see what ads are available in a particular section.

You then can progress to see what advertisers you have interacted with and more the detail of who you are interacting with is actually surprising. So go and look. See what you have liked

You are able to edit the type of information you give out on under the “your information” section. At the bottom is an entertaining section it is called Your Categories. Here you will see what Facebook actually thinks of you.

You are also able to set your Ad Settings, which center around your use of websites and apps.


For a while, you were able to set aside money in Facebook. Often this was used for games or other things. So you could have a balance if you used a Facebook gift card. But you can check your balance in this section

Payments in Messenger

You can send money through Facebook messenger her is where you enter your debit/credit card information

Support Inbox

IF you have requested support help from Facebook this is where you will be able to review the support actions.

Payments Settings

In this section, you can add your Credit / Debit card information. If you have done any transaction you are able to review them under this section too.

For security reason, you are able to set up a Pin and Set your shipping address and contact information. You can also review your Account balance here. Along with any active subscriptions.

News Feed Preferences

This is where you can change how your newsfeed is displayed. You can get all the deep details on that link.

Activity Log

What have you shared?

What have you liked?

These pieces of information are found in the activity log.

As you can tell Facebook is actually pretty complex and with that complexity, you still have control over what you allow out for the world to see. Most people won’t worry about it, and that is OK. You don’t have to worry about it but if you want to extract the best Facebook experience then you want to edit some of the settings Mainly the Ads and some of the privacy sections but you want to Facebook to have access to who you are and what you like so they can serve up the best content for you.

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