This is going to happen to everybody who blogs from time to time. What do you write about? You know you overall subject but just don’t know what specifically you want to talk about. How can you find blog topics that are relevant to your reader? That is what this entry in out blogging series is about.

How do you find topics to write about?

There are several ways you can find topics you can write about. First thing is when you are starting your blog is write down at least 25 blog post ideas This will fuel you for at least half a year if you are writing weekly. Also, it starts a list that you can add to as you go through your day.

There are times that inspiration will whack you in the head and you will come up with 3 or 4 good topics to write about. When that happens to write those ideas down immediately! if not they will be gone in a flash. No matter how much you think you will remember that topic idea. If you don’t write it down, you will become a living embodiment of frustration as you struggle to remember what exactly that idea was. You begin to think you’re having the early onset of Dementia. All stemming from you noticing how much you forget.

Yet there are times that you hit a barren spot. Your muse has gone out fishing or maybe lost. You wonder are you ever going to have a good idea for your blog ever again. I understand the frustration is tremendous. So here are some ideas you can use to tap that good spring of topics.

Other Blogs

You know of people who are writing in your topic. I am sure you are following them. If not I would ask you why not? Follow them you can look into their back catalog and get ideas on what you write about. We are all plagued by the curse of knowledge. There are things we know that we think everybody knows about or there is a detail that you overlook cause you know about it. Often if you go through other blogs early works you see that there are subjects you never thought of, thanks to the curse. So you can creep back to the basics.

There there is a chance for you to provide a decent viewpoint on a topic. You will normally see this in political arenas. Yet, having a good blogging debate is good for you and the other blogs who are in your field. This helps garner more knowledge and exposes you to other readers. As the other side see your point of view you will pull a few over so that they can read what you have to say. The same happens to you and your readers get exposed to other views and the become smarter.


Podcasts are a lot like blogs but for those people who are on the move. This is a great way to get some in-depth information while driving around town, mowing the lawn, or washing the dishes. You will surely find your blogs topic in a podcast form. So, fire up your podcasts app on your iPhone or download Pocketcasts for the android phones and get to learning.


What are people wanting to know about your topic? Well, a good place to go is a place that they are asking questions. Quora is just that type of place where people are looking for your answers by topic. This way you can write several blog posts centering around your topic. Just search for your keyword and see what pops up. You can also use Quora as a blog promotional platform. by answering questions. More on this on next weeks post.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most asked questions people ask you? You know those questions you can almost predict are going to be asked. That right there is the perfect blog post topic. Write out what you normally tell your customers. Give them every reason and explanation as to why that screw comes loose and what to do when it happens. Or hitting the side of that new OLED television doesn’t work like the old tube sets. Explain why.

This is what Marcus Sheridan did with his River pools and Spa’s blog. he answered the common questions on his blog. Because of his work on his blog in 2008, Remember 2009 that was when the housing bubble popped, he saved his swimming pool business. All because he took the time to focus on his customers and answered their questions through his blog

Go walking

This sounds weird I know. Yet if you are stuck for ideas. get the old blood flowing. One of the best ways to do this is to not take music or anything that can distract you. let your mind work. just walk a few miles and voice memo any ideas you have.

The lack of music or podcasts will force your brain into focusing on your topic. That way with your heart rate up and more fresh oxygen flowing through your brain the ideas will appear a lot easier.

Write a series

Sometimes you get stuck and single ideas just aren’t ringing your bell. I have about 75 topics on my list but not really struck a fancy for me. So you might look to writing a series. Much like this one that you are reading. Blogging series gives you a preset of topics you can write about. For me, it is blogging. Then I have set up Facebook for a business, and from here who knows.

Yet I know that if your series is really detailed enough you could get 5 or 6 months out of it. So think of a series or two lay out all the different steps you will need.

So as you can see there are ways to beat the writer’s block. Sometimes if you cant think of anything then it may do you good to step away from the blog for a week and recharge your creative juices. So do get too discouraged if you are stuck then inspiration will come along. You just have to go looking for it at times.

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