Well If you are a new guy on YouTube you probably were bummed about the recent changes to their YouTube Partner Program. The changes that were made take away many of your chances of finding a way to monetize your gaming and community.

Believe it or not, there is a place beside Twitch that you are able to stream your gameplay. Yes, there is YouTube but Facebook is now wanting to get in the gamer game. By using their Creator platform.

What does Facebook provide?

Facebook wants the streamers to have success with their endeavors because Facebook Still likes video. Even if the video isn’t showing up in the newsfeed. Facebook also wants the youth that has been leaving their platform to come back and what better way than to use Facebook Creator.

How to start?

You start off at the Gaming information page. Here you are greeted and given a walk through with some tips to help your live videos be as successful as possible.

One of the first steps you have to have is that you need to be set up with the Facebook Creator

One item you will need to be able to stream your games to Facebook is a piece of software like OBS or Xsplit You can also use the more expensive option of Wirecast if you have the funds. However, you choose to do so know that you will need to have some type of broadcasting software running.

If you are a new gamer who is looking to use Facebook as an extra channel. You can simulcast to both Facebook Twitch and even YouTube all at the same time. but you will need a very hefty internet connection. So you might have Twitch on one day and Facebook on another day if your connection is limited by your location.

You can actually use Creator for more than just gaming.

The Facebook Creator platform is actually created so that people can go live and and and have the greatest success possible through Facebook. With the Creator platform, you are able to host webinars Q&A’s and give announcements.  So don’t dismiss Facebook Creator just because they are wanting gamers to join.

Why would a gaming be important to a business?

If your business or organization was centered around technology and your core audience has an interest in video games. You don’t have to be good at video games. Maybe you have an employee who likes gaming and can take the helm for the Game community branch.

Also, the Gaming community is ravenous for content. Go over and watch some of the top Twitch channels you will see people donating left and right. These guys are making a living through gaming so Even if you don’t understand gaming. If your target audience likes video games this is a way you could get in front of them. But I will point out if you sell on this channel you could run many potential customers off. If your company can be entertaining and trying to raise brand awareness this could work.

If you are running gaming channel or you are looking at just other ways you can go live using Facebook Creator is definitely an option you want to look into. There are low-cost ways to get in but you always pay in either money or time. Look into it and Try it out. You are not going to get 1,000 people watching but you can if you are consistent.


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