In the world of twitter you can at times get a bad case of the bots. Many people don’t even realize they have a bad bot infestation problem till it is too late.

What are the signs of you having a bot problem?

Many times you can tell that you are dealing with a bot. This can be the very weird name and is 10 letters long and has a vowel at the beginning and they live in Atlanta, Georgia. This questionable person has more quotes and randomness than actual conversations with people. Yet, twitter bots are getting better and harder to tell apart from real people. That is till they start showing up in your twitter feed and it starts to become evident. How many people actually spend that much time over at Yeah see that “person” always talking about “10 reason Australia will kill you”. Another tell-tale sign that you have bots is in your twitter feed you see that there are 5 identical posts by 5 different people all in a span of a couple of minutes. And they are usually to also. Also guys I will break it to you right now that really hot chick that just followed you, More than likely in the neighborhood of 101% chance that she is a bot. sorry but she just isn’t all that into you.

But don’t feel bad about having bots as followers. Some people have a few others like Hillary Clinton has 1.28 million. It is like Cooties everyone has a more than they want and some bots can be fun to mess with.

How do I tell if I have cooties, er… bots?

Best way to tell is with a Twitter audit. This site was created by a couple of David’s by the name of David Caplin and David Gross. And their web app Twitter Audit does a pretty good job of letting you know what percent your followers are not physically on this planet. How do they know? Well, as in all things magical it is a secret to keep the bot writers busy of course. So all you do is log in with our twitter account and the rest is done in the background as they import your followers. When finished the site will give you a report. The top row will tell you how many real followers you have versus how many bots, and will also give you a percentage as you score. Mine is 96% See it is not easy to keep the bots at bay. Then after the first row they display some additional bits of information you might find helpful. For example, how many of your users scored high “Real Scores”. Again mine, for example, was 60%.

So after you find out that have bots. What do you do? Well if your bots are bad then I would start paying closer attention to who your followers are and when you find a bot and you are following them too then you might want to remove them. If they are just following you, then many times they will fall off after not getting any engagement from you. Bots can be a lot like that annoying kid in class if you don’t encourage him, he will go away. This is one reason we all have a few bots because some just don’t take the hint and leave. While others like to lurk around and comment when we mention a certain keyword. If you can find a keyword that activates a bot then you can use it to your advantage.

So test out and get your twitter account audited you cannot be worse than the politician who has a 49% rating. Can you guess who this is?

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I am here!

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Get a Twitter Audit for the Bots
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