gettingaroundfacebookalgofbPeople talk about how irritating is it to deal with the Facebook algorithm. As a Facebook page owner, I understand. I have a see only 1-2% of my friends being able to see the weekly blog posts. Nor are they able to see the twice daily posts of other curated content I have on the Facebook page.

With the average reach of each post being around 5 the Facebook Algorithm is very annoying. So annoying that it has prompted many people to delay Organic reach to be dead. For many people, I can see how that maybe. But how would you feel if I told you that you can get around the Facebook algorithm?

Yes, you are able to get around the Facebook algorithm. There are a couple of ways to skirt the irritation that is Facebook Algorithm.either one of them are all that practical but they do help. If you can educate your followers and provide good content you can actually get around the algorithm. So let’s get started.

Turning the Facebook Algorithm off


Yep, you can actually turn off the algorithm. Well, better put is you can disable the algorithm. Till you venture off of the timeline and you come back. When this is done Facebook resets the algorithm.


You can actually set the Facebook newsfeed to show all posts without the facebook algorithm.The desktop disables option is right in front of your face and it is a good chance you haven’t seen it.

Over on the right-hand column of your Facebook timeline, you will see NewsFeed. and to the right of that, you will see a little upside down triangle. This triangle is a drop down menu. This drop down when clicked on will show Most Recent.

When you click on the Most Recent you will then be presented with a Facebook with all of the posts that have been posted by your friends and pages. You will see Posts made by pages. Updates and all by everyone you follow in chronological order. newest to oldest. All of this without any interruption.


You can bypass the facebook algorithm on your mobile deviceFor the mobile phones and tablets, they are pretty much the same results. Everything that is seeable is visible for you to read.

The difference is how you find it. If you click on the Menu tab at the very right-hand side you will get all the different options available along with the Most Recent. If you haven’t looked at the Most Recent recently you will see how many new updates you have. Up to the max of 320. Now you may have more than 320 but it will only tell you of the 320.

Educating Your Audience.

This takes a little more work and can be altered by Facebook. So this is still a little unpredictable in the way of how well it works. Yet at the moment with the tests I have tried this trick does work at least with the pages I have liked. I won’t bury the lead have your fans and customers like your posts.  Yep That is the trick.

So let me set up how I found this out and my more recent tests. Back a couple of years ago when the Facebook page for Buzzfeed was playing around with getting more interactions at first they were mostly just found in the Twitter-verse. Yet, Buzzfeed wanted more. and so they started playing with all the classic click bait tactics.

These tactics worked soon you were seeing Buzzfeed was doing all sorts of videos with cats and puppies and a few were good. They were able to get a laugh out of me several times. If you get a laugh out of me. I will click the Like button. Before long my Facebook feed was full of Buzzfeed videos. So much so, it was actually getting annoying. So, I stopped clicking on Buzzfeed videos.  After a week or so the Buzzfeed Videos started to not show. Now there are a couple of videos that show up every so often.

It Still Works

Now this is a few years ago. Let us fast forward to today. I now have a video content creator who keeps me in stitches. This guy is Ozzy Man Reviews. His humor is great but if you are offended by dirty words then he may not be for you because he does cuss on his videos, a LOT.

So, a couple of months ago I discovered Ozzy man and I liked his page. and didn’t think anything of it. He faded from my thoughts for a little while.  Then for whatever reason, I searched for him and saw I had missed several Videos from him. Watched those videos and laughed myself sore. So, I started liking several of his posts.

Guess what started showing up in my feed when they were posted. If you guess Buzzfeed? Then you are wrong. If you guessed Ozzy man then your guessing abilities are ripper.

So what does this mean?

This is the tough part. How do you get your audience to click like on a bunch of your posts? Truthfully I do not know the best way to get your audience to start liking your page other than post the best content you possibly can. Or, you can ask.

This is a possibility. Telling your audience members how to get your content to view you more often can help.

You can ask your followers to instead of just liking hover over the Like and choose Notify on updates and choose See First. This way they will have a chance to see more of your posts. It also lets Facebook know that you are wanting to see the updates.

This is why clicking on the all of the likes and pressing play on the videos allows for your stuff to show up more. This is because you are letting Facebook know that you like this content. You want to see more of this type of content. So in a way you are manipulating Facebook to show what you want. You can also let your audience know that you can turn off the algorithm. this may help.

Why does this happen?

Profits. this is the easiest question of all. Facebook as a publicly traded company is not motivated by profits. if Zuck wants to keep his job he has to make the shareholders happy. or they will fire him. don’t believe me ask Steve Jobs if you can be fired from your own company.

So Facebook made a program that helps you out by showing you only what it believes you want to know. This also depends on what your Facebook friends are liking. If a lot of them are liking something then it will show you that post. This is why new posts are shown to you at times.

So you can get around the Facebook algorithm and it is good, in my line of thinking. How do I fix this issue that I am running into? I don’t want to say we need to put notify first because if that catches on it will escalate to annoying and Facebook will change it so that it doesn’t apply to pages. And that I do not want. So the best I can recommend is mention the notify first. Ask that is probably the best you can do. make it your call to action for a few blog posts and the such. You could get lucky and get more reach on your Facebook page.

Do you have any tips on how to get more reach? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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A Couple Ways to Get Around the Facebook Algorithm.
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