One thing you always hear about social media strategies is, know your audience. Find out who your customer is and what their pain points are so that your company can better assist.

Twitter for a while gave you some bits of information about your twitter following, and how your tweets faired with the use of Twitters Analytics. You were able to receive some good information under the audience tab For instance you can learn the average interests of your followers. This information is spread out over 4 tabs and you start off with an overview tab


As the name claims this is an over view of your followers and those who interact with your tweets

  • Interests – Comes from the Lifestyles section
  • Occupation – You area also able to find out the average Occupational fields of your followers, and comes from the Demographics tab
  • Consumer Buying Styles – Then there is the Consumer buying styles of your audience, and comes from the Consumer Behavior Tab
  • Wireless Carrier – What wireless service does your customer use, you can find out in the Mobile Footprint


  • Gender – a bit self-explanatory do you have more men or women following you.
  • Household Income – What is the Average household income?
  • Net worth – how much value do they followers typically have
  • Home Ownership – Do they own their home or rent it?
  • Education – How high up the education ladder did your followers go? Did some Momma’s let their babies grow up to be cowboys? Or are they Doctors and lawyers and such?
  • Occupation – Do your followers work in a technical profession to the professional students this is the category you will find this information out.
  • Country – Are you attracting a foreign following you can see that information here.
  • Region – What state are they in? Here is that particular information
  • Home Value – if they own their own house. How much is their house worth?
  • Marital Status – If they are hitched? This can help to determine if you need to take the unmarried angle


Interests – you can see what it is your followers are after.

For example the top 4 interests of my followers are…

  • Marketing – 77%
  • Entrepreneurship – 72%
  • Leadership – 69%
  • Technology – 68%

So this means that I might get the best responses from my tweets if I were to share marketing information and Entrepreneurship. If I can share how an entrepreneur should market that is even better.

TV genres – If you like to talk about television topics you can find this information out. Or if you are looking to advertise you can see what type if show they like.

Consumer Behavior

  • Credit Cardholders – Do have someone who deal in Visa’s or Master Card.
  • Aftermarket Auto Buyers – Do they buy aftermarket car parts? And how long ago did they buy their car?
  • Consumer Buying Styles – Do they like brand names or they buy just what they need. You can see if they are weight conscious or are your followers Taco Bell junkies?
  • Consumer Goods Purchases – What do your followers like to buy? For me it’s Cheese, and Produce.

Mobile Footprint

  • Mobile Carrier – Who do they use as a mobile phone solution?
  • Device category – Are your followers iOS or Android users?

What does the Twitter Audience Insights say about my basic followers?

I am being followed by the English speaking Married American Men who makes $75,000 – $99,999 of income but has a net worth $100,000 – $1,000,000. These Men own their own homes, and are worth < $99,999 in California. They graduated from High school and work in a Professional environment. Now these Men are typically Democrats. They are interested in Marketing though they are also wanting to start their own business, and in their off time they like to watch television Sports if there is not a Drama television show they would rather view.

When Buying Services and products. They purchase with their regular Visa cards, no platinum status here, and they do not like to work on their own cars that were purchased over 48 months ago. These men would rather have a service department do that work. This gentleman appears to be a bit on the Hipster side because he is an Ethnic explorer in the world of Cheese and Fresh produce, but likes to have Brand name items also. All while using AT&T for their iOS device. But they still over their desktops.

How to get to the Audience insights

First timers you can go to and choose Audience Insights from the Drop down at the top bar.

If you have been using the Twitter Analytics for a while you should be able to reach it from

What type if information are you able to get from your Twitter Audience Insights?


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I am here!

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Get to know your Following with Twitters Audience Insights
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