What information are you showing publicly on Google? Do you know? Have you ever wondered? How can you find out?

Google has made it easy for you to see what you are showing to the public. You can determine if you want your business information public but your personal telephone number you don’t want to be see. All of this great information is available to you in a new service from google called About.Me. Now this isn’t to be confused with about.me but aboutme.google.com.

This information service is brand new and at the moment just allows for you to view and edit all of your Google Profile information.  By the looks of some links you will have a Google card you will be able to either post up or link to. But each of the sections offer you the ability to Private, Public, Your Circles, Extended Circles or custom privacy.

Different sections

  • Personal Info – This is, as the section says your personal information. This includes your Phone numbers, emails, chat clients, physical address. You can set the privacy level to what level you like.
  • Work Contact info – You can add your works phone numbers emails chat apps and Work address
  • Education – You can list all of the different educational institutions and set the privacy levels
  • Work History – Where have you worked? This is where you can list your work history
  • Sites – there are three different sub sections
  • Links – These are your sites
  • Other Profiles – I use this for social media sites and other profiles
  • Contributor to – site that you contribute to are able to be listed here too.
  • Places – Where have you been? You can list all those places here.
  • Gender Birthday and More – Here you can place your personal information and each of these pieces of information have their individual privacy settings.
  • Privacy settings – Here you can do a privacy check up.

With all of this information you can make your profile as public or as private as you want. In doing so you can help your fans find out as much or as little as you like.

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I am here!

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Google About Me for Better Security
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