If you have spent any time on some form of social media you have heard about Google plus or Google+. You may of even visited the site from time to time. Then here recently you may of even heard from other people that Gooogle was breaking off everything good with Google, and turning them in to their own individual service. Some people went as far to pronounce Google plus dead.

I then ask this question if Google plus is so dead and a ghost town as many like to think then why did they just give it a redesign? Why spend the time the man hours and the creative energy to redesigning a site that is not being used? Why? Because Google plus is still being used and is a thriving community. So, Google changed it up so that the more popular features of Google plus would be placed front and center. These two biggest features are Communities and Collections.

Focus on communities

Some may call them forums light while other people all it the greatest thing for community building since the forum. Either way Google plus communities are wondrous gatherings of people who are looking for and sharing information on a particular topic. You can find communities that are “ad free”. These are typically communities that are listed as private. You can request to join that community and these are where the knowledge is best found. Now you can find some good and healthy public communities but they are rare finds often the public communities are riddled with spam and the true on topic posts are few and far between.

You can create your own communities though I do discourage it because if you look, someone has already created a community you will fit into. Though I will say communities are a lot of work too. So unless you have the time to invest in building a community it is better to join one that is already built up and grow and learn from here.

Focus on collections

Collections are in their most reduced form, bookmarks that you share with the world.  Another way to put it, these are articles you find that center around a particular topic. You find an article you like. You can post it into your collection for that specific subject. Then these collections are available for other people to read. The beauty of this feature of Google Plus is that you allow people to get to know how you think and they are able to follow your collection and learn from what you learn. This sharing of knowledge is often the key to building a following. It shouldn’t be steered away from it should be embraced. Help other people become smarter and they are then able to make the better choice of using your business.

Have you tried the new redesigned Google Plus? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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I am here!

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Google Plus Proof that “It ain’t dead yet”
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