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In this little series, I have talked about how hair salons and hair stylists are able to use Facebook Twitter and the lot. There have been discussions on how  to help grow and build your community or tribe. So that the cultivated product is raving fans of your business.

So where do your customers go? well obviously to your place of business is the ideal objective but what if they are just wanting to buy hair care products from you? Maybe your fans are wanting to get more information on why washing their hair in a particular way is better for long hair. Your argument in that discussion can help you build trust in the customers that come by to read.

Why a website?

I know you thought this site was about social media? You are right this site is about social media. and Your website, well your blog more specifically is a part of that social media strategy for your salon. All because you want to have your blog open for comments.

These comments are your close fans. Yes, you may have several big fans over on your facebook page. Yet, the folks who are willing to go to your website are just a little closer. Here are a few other reasons you want to have a blog along side your website.

Don’t I have enough to do between cutting and washing hair and all of the other social media? Yes, it is a lot to do but you don’t have to post on you website multiple times a day. You can update your site once a week. Whatever frequency you choose to stick to it. But, if you choose twice daily and that is too much. Slide back to a manageable schedule, just find the schedule that works.

The frequency does help.If you can post twice daily your visitors will be more frequent than someone who posts once a week. As long as you update your site Google likes it and will give you favor in the rankings.


Search engine optimization is how you set your site up so that google knows how to catalog your posts. If you write a lot about braids and have positioned yourself as master of braids; then Google will be more likely to show your site when someone is searching about braids.

Google looks to blogs with a little added favorability because of the update frequency. Wen you post a new article with a regular schedule Google actually learns that schedule and will crawl your site.

You do want to make sure your posts are quality, though. If you though a little blurb and expect that to work. You are wrong. If you want more info on what to do for SEO for Blogs you can read this mega post on SEO for bloggers

Thought leadership

When you are writing you are putting your thoughts out for everyone. Your opinions and beliefs all are collected and stored on your site. If you have a line of belief that washing your hair only on days that end in Y or only on days that start with a T You are able to put your thoughts and reasoning down. Your thoughts are able to spread and be shared by other people. If you believe that shampoo with soy is bad. You can voice this concern. Share your reasons as to why. You are then able to lay out your thoughts on alternatives.

With the spreading of your thoughts and ideas. More people are able to go to you for more information. They start seeing you as the expert and will trust your recommendations of haircare products. Or if they are able to come by your actual salon these folks might want to get their hair set by their hero.

A central hub of all knowledge

Your blog is also a repository for your information. As people come to read a particular article they will see that you have other information that is helpful in other fields of hairstyling. You could talk about different hair styles and why they are going to be in style or why they are going to be going out of style.

Your blog will normally have different categories. These different categories are different topics. You may have a category that is about shampoo reviews. While you have another that is about styles. Each of these topics is filed away in their different perspective categories.

A place to go.

With your own site, you have a home base with the use of a domain name, and your own website. You are giving your customers a place to go. They can always go to your website to find out any of the current news. What is happening with your salon? Can they get your phone number? Can they make an appointment? All of these are easily done with a website. with your own domain.

The Discussion

Blogs allow for open discussions of your posts. These interactions help people find more information and allow for you to bond with your customers better.

  • Disqus – This is a third party discussion plugin. With several different advantages. the biggest one being that it helps keep spam comments down.
  • Native Comment system – You can also use the native comment system that comes with your blog. There can be some drawbacks. the biggest one being that most spammers know what files to ping so that they  are able to post their advertisements. The more popular your blog gets the more spam you will receive. SO if you are going to use the native comment system then use something like Askimet.
  • Facebook Comment system – Since practically everybody has a facebook account you can also use Facebook Comments system. There are plugins for the WordPress platform. but you can also use the comment system on some other platforms. Though from what people have said this can be a little tricky with a huge helping of irritating.

Yours own store

With a website, you are able to create an online store that will allow for you to have another revenue stream. This allows for people who are not able to get to your actual hair salon to purchase your recommended products.

There are several different shopping cart programs available. Then there are also the plugins that you can use for your WordPress Site. Like WooCommerce. This is the number one free shopping cart plugin for WordPress.

Ther are others that can be of use.

Shopify – is  a premium service that is used by many different online stores.

Blogging platforms

  • WordPress – The number one blogging platform out there. You can host your own WordPress site or you can use a hosting service that is dedicated to WordPress. You are able to make your site out to your liking. This is done easily through the use of the huge repository of plugins. The big difference you want to know is that has a very limited amount of plugins while is the self-hosted version
  • Tumblr – Tumblr is a free blog service that has a built-in social network sharing feature. You can redirect your domain name to your Tumblr account but you want to have a webmaster do this if you are nit sure how to do it.
  • Medium – This is another free blogging platform. This is actually being used by many companies as their blog platform but I would like to warn about building your house on rented land. You will be putting your father of your audience in the hands that Medium won’t just close up one day.
  • Weebly –  A self-hosted website generator that allows for you to have a blog and static pages
  • Squarespace –  An all around well-balanced website generator. You can have a blog and you can also have an e-commerce solution.

Websites are important. They are the central hub for all of your customer’s traffic. Whether you are a sales funnel expert or you are just trying to share your knowledge on your hair styles. A website is critical for your company. This is something I will not falter on. I don’t care who created the site but when you create your site make sure you have a blog element. If you use just a static site You will be overlooked by google. That defeats the purpose of having a website. Just have a website for your customers.

If you need help let me know. We can work together to get your site up and running. Together we can make and achieve the goal of helping your customers out.

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