Showing off your hair styling expertise or showing off your salon. This is a visual concept. You can describe many aspects to how well your hair studio is run. You can talk at length about how much each of your stylists has achieved. Yet there is the truth the old adage that pictures are worth a thousand words.

Showing people the quality of your work speaks volumes. Yet, to show your personality and passion for what you do takes that picture and sets it by a bullhorn. You amplify the reason people  like your work. So how do you convey your passion and drive for hairstyling to potentially millions of people?

Hello Instagram

Instagram_App_Large_May2016_200For most people, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Instagram is a photo sharing site. It is known for showing the excesses of the Rich Kids of Instagram  and other celebrities. It is also one of the best social networks to show your business as being full of human beings. Instagram can show potential customers your approach to styling hair.

Instagram users engage with brands 10 times more often than they do on facebook. Which makes Instagram one of the ideal networks to be active on. Because you are able to help potential customers with their different hair-centric questions. You are also able to show off upcoming trends. Talk about products and the benefits they can provide to customers.

50% of all Instagram users follow brands which account for why there is more engagement with those Brands on Instagram. And yes before you decide you are not a brand let me say that yes you are a brand. Your salon is your brand. So yes people will follow your salon and you both.

So besides just taking lots of pictures how can a hairstylist use this particular social platform?

Day to day Instagramming

Many young people have a view of what a business is. Especially when it is a huge corporation. This is because many large corporations don’t really have a personality. The original personality is scrubbed out to display a particular aspect of that business. In short, many businesses have no soul. You are the soul of your business. Whether you own a small two stall barber shop or you run a chain of hair salons. You want to convey the fact your business has a personality.

There are many different aspects that help you show your salon’s personality. From introducing your hairstylists to the world to helping the local charity out by providing less fortunate kids with a free haircut for school. The different ways to show your companies humanity on Instagram is innumerable.

Use Video, From Time to Time

If Pictures say a thousand words moving pictures are a running stream of information. You are able to dispatch so much more about who your company is and what it stands for.  You are able to show a range of emotions.

Though video is as great as it is Don’t over do it. The video gets less engagement than still photos when you are sharing on Instagram. but don’t disregard video.You don’t have to post a video daily but you want to throw up to a minutes worth of a reaction or some other time that emotions of success are on full view.

You can use the video to introduce each of your hair stylists. Highlight a customer of the month. You could even talk about different hair products in short little one minute snippets.

Tell Stories Daily

Within the last few months, Instagram added a new feature. This new item is called Stories. Many people recognize the name from Snapchat and yes Instagram did steal the idea from Snapchat. They make no bones about it. Though some people act like they are upset about it. I am only seeing good come from Instagram stories.

What are Instagram stories?

Let me give a short overview as to what Instagram stories is so that those Non-Snapchat users can grasp what is going on. Stories is a set of picture and videos that you take throughout a day. These pictures and videos are able to be drawn upon or written on to give more information.

These pictures are then presented to your followers in sequential order. Then, and this is the part most people have a hard time grasping is, the pictures disappear after 24 hours.

So what do you do with Instagram stories?

Not a hard problems to tackle. You can talk about what is happening in your salon. You can also give a good idea of the day to day stuff that happens in a salon.You can also talk, again about your different products help build extra sales for those.

The key to stories is, tell a story. It doesn’t take long only about 30 seconds per picture and when those are strung together the tale that is spun can help bond you and your customer together.

#Hashtag #hashtag #hashtag

Hashtag is used for searching and groupingHere is a key to growing your followers on Instagram. I have been playing with Instagram trying to actually understand how it works and how the people use this medium. The big key I have found is the Hashtags. unlike other hashtags strategies on Instagram, you want what might seem excessive. You want more than 5 but less than 11 hashtags.

These hashtags should be balanced between high use hashtags and hashtags that have a more personal meaning. What I mean by this is, when you start typing a hashtag you will get a small report. This Report will tell you how many people are using a particular hashtag. If you can find a relevant hashtag that has millions of posts use it. You also want to have a Hashtag or two that tells your location. For example #Amarillo #TexasPanhandle or something like that. This helps hashtag tourists find you.

Post Daily if You Can

Daily posting will create more engagement for you followers. If you are not able to post daily don’t give yourself ulcers worrying about it. Just post when you can.

Tools you can use

Instagram has a few tools you can use to help create unique experiences.

Instagrams Hyperlapse (iTunes Only)- Hyperlapse is a time-lapse photography app that allows you to show developments at a high rate of speed. So you could show a shaggy mop of hair being transformed into high-quality stylings.

Instagrams Layout (iTunes / Google Play)-  If you want to make a collage of pictures placed together. The layout will be of huge help.

What to know about sponsors

If you are wanting to advertise different hair care products on Instagram just make sure you use at least the #ad or #sponser on the post. This will keep you from getting into trouble with the FTC. Because they are starting to crack down on social media sponsored advertisements. I would hate to see someone I know get hit with a monster government laden fine for assuming your customers are smart enough to know the difference. This is because FTC doesn’t believe your customers are smart enough to tell when they are being sold to.

Instagram as any tool can help you with a particular task at hand. That task is raising awareness of your brand and your companies personality. Instagram can be used as a fun tool and allow for your creativity to shine through.

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