USFlag.jpegThis is not meant to be a political post though there are plenty who will take it as that, and that is your freedom to do so. Today is the day that we take the time to step back and celebrate this great country. Yes, this country is great.

People look at today and see how divided the country is and yeah when you look at it through the prism of your life it is pretty divided. Though we just as divided as we were all the way back to our founding. Jefferson and Hamilton were both at odds with each other. The animosity they Jefferson and Hamilton had between each other was almost legendary. Yet Our country survived.

Look at when our dislike for each other got the greatest extream. The Democrats thought that the Republican president was attacking their way of life. In a way he was. The vitriol of those times became so great that we killed each other in record numbers. Americans fought each other because of an ideology. Yet, America held together.

We came in and as a united country fought in two world wars. They were pretty much back to back. In between there, we had a 10-year stretch of really bad luck. The majority of our folks couldn’t find work. We had the earth rebelling against us in the high plains. Out of it came the greatest generation. A group of No nonsense people who knew how to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

WE survived the 60s and the turmoil that happened in that time. This showed that you can only push a person around so much before they say enough. And we as Americans started to learn how to live with each other again. WE had great men gunned down several times. Martin Luther King Jr was able to bless the world with his I have a dream speech. Which seems to have been forgotten in my opinion, I think we should stop and listen here.

Yet America as a country became better and stronger. Whether you think Our current president is a political no-nonsense genius or a second rate reality star who has mental problems, it is fine.

America will prosper and grow and we will become a better country because of our ability to be free.

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

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I am here!

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