Today is a day of celebration. Today is day of hotdogs and baby back ribs and Uncle Gilberts Family famous firework show. You know the one everybody oohs and Aaahs over the fact that nobody got killed. Though Uncle Gilbert did loose his right eye brow, again. Yet, as the festivities commence and you go to see your family. I would like to put out one request. Remember what we are celebrating. We are celebrating the fact that we told King George that we did not like how he was treating us, and that what he was doing was unfair.

So while that is being remembered and we are celebrating, gather your memories of the fun had today. Share those memories with your friends and followers. Invite Those people who authentically want to know more about you, into your world. Those people will be ever grateful.

So while yo are waiting for the sun to go down so Uncle Gilbert can set the neighbors shed on fire once more. Enjoy this firework show.

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

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I am here!

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