Whether you like Facebook Messenger or not there are some features that are of use to the individual person or to your customer. Facebook Messenger is a texting app made by Facebook. It contains all the items you would expect from a communication application but it also has some other features that are useful, others that are witty and entertaining. You can send gifs and stickers and you are also able to send your location.

At first you were able to just let your friends know that you are in a particular town or a particular part of a town. Here recently Facebook made a change, Facebook made some small changes to their communication app. The latest one is you can now give locations of where you are and/or where are going to be. This is where your business’ being listed in Facebook Places can be of a big help. It can lead to discovery of your business and allow for your customers to be able to better show where your establishment is located.

Why you should think of the location services in Messenger

It is, in a way, a directory of places or a business listing. There are businesses that are listed, that you may of never known were around you.  This goes for your potential customers, and if used in conjunction with Facebook Beacon you can use this popular social network to your favor without even spending any money for advertising. So are you listed in Facebook Places?

How do you check?

Messenger location At the topIf you have a Facebook page you can add your business to the places easily but entering your address to your Facebook page’s about tab. If you a customer that added your business for you then you can claim the page. the way to do this is listed in Facebook help page here. If you have done all that and you want to see your business listing in person just open Facebook messenger and choose someone you want to text. At the bottom you will see different options one of those options will be three dots. Select the three dots and what will show up at the top will be Locations. Choose this and you will see the Establishments around you and if your business is listed you should see it. Now if you have just added it recently it may take a little time for it to propagate.

Messenger2Businesses like to be known if a person doesn’t know that the company is around then how can that business help them? So why not add you address to your page and allow your future customers to find out about your services. Are you showing up in Facebooks location services?

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Hey! Facebook Messenger Now Easier to Share Locations
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