When people are searching for you. They are looking not only for hairdressers near me or Salons near me. They are  also looking for hairstyle ideas. After their hair is cut they are looking for a way to take care of their style.  They are looking for haircare products.

These are all topics that are right up your alley. Additionally, these are all visual items. Which requires a visual medium to help people find what they are looking for. They may not know that hairstyle is called a bouffant. The person looking for a duck butt hairstyle may not realize that it went out of style 10 years ago. There is a social network that will help you in educating and drawing people to your establishment.

This Social network is Pinterest! Yep! the site that all brides go to for their dream wedding. The landscapes of dreams reside in little neat little pinboards of different categories. That Pinterest.

Why should a hairdresser use Pinterest?

Its Visual

People know what they like though they don’t know what it is called. Guys are famous for this. We sit down and instead of saying Give me a pompadour they may say make it look like a 56 Pontiac chieftain. Hey, it could happen. Or even worse they just say clean it up, and they haven’t had their ears lowered in 3 years.

The reason is most people guys and gals don’t have a word for what we want. Yeah, we may have an idea of what we think we want and many times it is expressed wrong. Yet Thanks to the amazing mind reading powers of the hairdressers you are able to nail down that the lady in the seat doesn’t really want a pixie they would just like an asymmetrical bob.

With Pinterest, you can do this. You can show all the current and classic haircuts that you can do. Listing these into different categories or Pinboards. Now how are people going to find you? This is where the magic of Pinterest comes into play. They actually have a visual search engine. People can actually look for a type of hair style they think they would like. say short hair styles.

When the enter button has pressed the results that are shown are cut up into different styles and options. Across the top, you will see for subcategories like for a Round face, For Thick hair, Pixie, curly, and much more. The ability to show up and build a relationship is that easy.

As if it couldn’t get any easier, if you do a search for just Pinterest in Google.  You will get a search bar for Pinterest right in your results! So searching Pinterest is not difficult in the slightest.

Easily organized

One of the big perks of Pinterest is the ease of organization. The different categories or boards are essentially folders.These folders contain the different ideas that link to your site or to the original article you found the picture in.

So if someone who is following your short hair pinboard may follow a link that goes to your blog post about why short hair is good for pregnant women.You may have a pin that leads to a post on Bedhead hair products that talks about the best way to keep colored short hair.

People are searching

With a 100 million active users people are needing a haircut or a new style. 42% of the users in the US are women. They are looking for you. They are looking for your guidance on what hair product they need to help keep that cobalt blue from washing down the drain. Your expertise is in need. You are able to use the catalog of Pinterest to show your work.

Suggested Pinboards

If you are not sure where to start here are a few easy starters for your interest profile.
With your pinboards, you will need a title and a description. The titles are easy to want to get cutesy and creative Like Short and to the point if it is a board for spiky hair but people may not know what that means and so it might be better if you title it Short and spiky haircuts. The descriptions go into detail about what people are going to find in this pinboard.

There is no limit of boards you can have and show your personality at the same time. so you might have a humor board. Maybe a hairstyle meme board could be in the works.

83778df2c1aecd45ba4f2630319a939aYou might want to do boards of Hairstyles. You could have one of hair styles but it might be better if you have several examples of the same styles. So those people who don’t know the difference between a Peggy Flemming wedge hairstyle and Farrah Fawcett’s Feathered Shag. (Yes I’m old now shut up)

Have a pinboard for your favorite articles about different hair products? You can also post up links to common hair care myths like mayonnaise is good to keep in your hair overnight. All of these folders would help your reach in finding customers and future clients. Another bonus to these boards is that all the pinboards are indexed by Google. So it helps your brand to be seen by even more people.

Some Helpful Pinterest Strategies

If you have a blog on your site it is a good idea to pin your article to its corresponding Pinterest pinboard. but don’t stop there. Repin posts from other people this helps Pinterest SEO know more as to what your boards are about.And when you add pins from other sites to your boards you have now added even more quality to your board and it lets Pinterest know you are adding more quality. The more you add to your different boards each day the better your boards rank.

So, If you are wanting to use this social media strategy then you  want to use it daily. You might also look at using a service like Tailwind* This is a Pinterest approved scheduling app. While there are a few applications out there that will post to Pinterest for you. You want to be careful because if you are not using an approved reschedule you can get banned from Pinterest. So take that as a warning I would hate for you to loose all of your hard work because of an avoidable mistake.

Pinterest is a powerful tool to use for your hair salon it is something that you can easily work on when you are standing in line at the grocery store. I have recently expanded to Pinterest with Goodwinsocialmedia.com so instead of all of my crazy tastes, you can get more social media tips and tricks. Stop by and follow.

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I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

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I am here!
How a Hairstylist Can Use Pinterest

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